Amin Uddin

Amin is an experienced senior software engineer passionate about employing machine learning to solve complex real-world problems.

Worked at Seawoods Ventures Inc.

About the Instructor

Amin Uddin has over four years of experience in the machine learning and deep learning space. His rich professional background includes backend deployment, managing cloud architecture, and building robust machine learning models and systems. He worked as Chief Technical Officer at a news aggregator startup, where he designed backend architecture systems and managed the company’s DevOps methodology. He also developed an ML model for detecting false news claims using natural language processing techniques. Amin is passionate about using his ML skills to solve complex real-world problems to positively change the industry. He is now a senior software engineer for a US-based startup, Seawoods Ventures, which designs and develops scalable products for up-and-coming businesses.

Amin Uddin

Skills and Specialization

Amin is a skilled software engineer, fluent in multiple programming languages and web frameworks like JavaScript, Python, Flask, and more. He uses his expertise to build and develop products for startups or scale-up organizations across all platforms. His data science toolbox includes machine learning and deep learning proficiency, computer vision and natural language processing capabilities, and working with generative adversarial network (GAN) frameworks.

Machine Learning Deep Learning Python TensorFlow Computer Vision Git and GitHub