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English Subtitles for Videos

English Subtitles for Videos


It would be great if you put English subtitles for all videos. Having subtitles are really beneficial for non-native speakers. Many videos still don’t have subtitles. When do you plan to put them all together?
Thank you

2 Answers

365 Team

Hi ST, 
thanks for reaching out! We definitely wish to include subtitles to our lectures. 
Could you please share which lectures in particular you’re having an issue with?
Thanks in advance!
365 Eli 

We have issues with many lectures. A lot of lectures and courses still don’t have subtitles. We are waiting subtitles for a long time. This issue is a very big problem for non-native speakers. Could you please add subtitles for all courses in your earliest time? Otherwise, we can’t continue our courses effectively. I know many people don’t buy your courses due to the lack of subtitles. Thank you very much for your consideration

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