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Mechanics of combining slicers & GETPIVOT function

Mechanics of combining slicers & GETPIVOT function

Super Learner

Hi guys,
Hope you are doing well! Just wrapping up the Intro to Microsoft Excel course – great fun & applicable. Picked up new skills!
About the last section of it, I wanted to ask you about the way which slicers and GETPIVOT functions connect. In the example, we eliminated the month variable from the GETPIVOT function. Later, when we put on slicers, we were still able to filter the results by months. Everything followed through in my case – but just wanted ask you how does the GETPIVOT function pick up changes in month-slicers and displays results accordingly.
Thanks a lot – onwards to the next course!

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Luka! Thanks so much for reaching out and engaging with the content. Good to hear from you.
To answer your question – the slicer is a filter, which modifies the source pivot table. So, everytime when you make a selection on the slicer, the source pivot table is modified.
However, because your GETPIVOTDATA function is dynamic, it is able to retrieve the necessary data. 
Hope this makes sense.

Understood. Thanks Ned! 🙂

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