The Ultimate Data Science Career Guide

Our NEW comprehensive guide contains everything you need to launch a successful career in data science—from the best jobs to interview tips and necessary qualifications.

The Ultimate Guide to Jumpstart Your Career

  1. Complete

    Our comprehensive guide covers the data science job outlook, roles, applications, required qualifications, interview tips, and much more. 1
  2. Focused

    Like everything else on the 365 Data Science learning platform, this guide is designed to support you on every step of your journey from the very beginning. 2
  3. Expert Advice

    Created and improved by expert data scientists, The Ultimate Data Science Career Guide contains practical advice from people who have walked the talk. 3

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Iliya Valchanov

Iliya Valchanov

Co-founder, 365 Data Science

Iliya is one of the co-founders of 365 Data Science and the author of some of 365’s best courses in Mathematics, Statistics, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. He’s a Finance graduate with a solid quantitative background who chose the exciting path of a startup entrepreneur. Iliya’s formidable affinity for numbers was apparent since his childhood, he has won more than 90 national and international awards and competitions through the years. He discovered his passion for teaching at university, where he helped his peers with statistics and econometrics (his first happy students). Since then, he has shared his expertise in data science with numerous aspiring professionals worldwide.