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Data-Driven Business Growth

Davis Balaba
Becoming a data-driven organization requires much more than investments in data science and machine learning. A company can have as many data professionals and data resources available and still fail in leveraging them to reach organizational objectives. This is where data maturity comes into play, as it provides a framework for companies-small and big to build the necessary data-driven infrastructure. In these Data-driven Business Growth course notes we are going to cover the importance of the growth mindset , cover the 3 stages of data maturity, how to pass each stage.

Who is it for

These free pdf course notes are designed for Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineers, Business Executives, Data Analysts, and Data Science Managers who are interested in enhancing the data-driven practices of companies and moving them towards a data culture.

How it can help you

These course notes can serve as a data maturity assessment for where your company falls along the data spectrum and provide you with a roadmap of the different steps you must follow to move along the stages of data maturity.

Data-Driven Business Growth