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Land your dream job with a 365 Data Science Career Track Certificate. Choose a career track, take the exams, and become a certified data scientist, data analyst, or business analyst. Our certification is recognized by top employers in the industry.

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A Certification That Opens the Door to a Data Science Career Path

At 365 Data Science, we believe that your learning efforts should be recognized and valued. That's why we've introduced specialized certifications for data scientists, data analysts, and business analysts who want to signal to potential employers that they're qualified and job ready. Our Career Track Certificate is a prestigious credential that proves your skills and sets you apart. You’ll need to pass a series of exams demonstrating your mastery of key concepts and techniques. With 365 Data Science, you can be confident that your certification truly matters in the industry.

Acquire the Skills to Land Your Dream Data Science Job

By completing our data science certification program, you'll gain a comprehensive skillset that aligns with the needs of the industry. Our curriculum includes the core competencies listed in actual data scientist job posts, so you can confidently pursue your dream job with the right qualifications.

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Make the Right Choice with Our Data Science Certification

Online Data
Science Bootcamp
University Degree
Duration 6 months 2-3 days 4 years
On-demand Training Yes No No
Focus Job preparation Specific skill Broad preparation
Program Difficulty Medium attrition rate Low attrition rate Medium attrition rate
Exams 9 0 30+
Career Services Yes No No
Cost $149 - $348 $999 - $1,999 $80,000+

How to Obtain Data Science Certification with 365 Career Tracks

Enroll in a Career Track
Sign up for one of our data science career tracks to experience structured learning.
Choose Your Electives
Choose elective data science or soft skills courses that complement the required topics.
Take the Classes
Our engaging video lessons will teach you all the necessary data science skills.
Pass the Course Exams
All required and elective courses in your track come with respective course exams.
Complete the Final Exam
The final exam comprehensively assesses your understanding of all the topics covered in your chosen career track.

Receive a Copy of Your Data Science Certificate

A hard copy of your data science certification is a testament to your achievement. Contact us, and we’ll send you a printed version.

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Need help finding what you're looking for? Visit the 365 Data Science Help Center page or contact us directly.

What types of 365 Data Science certificates can I get?

With over 2M students worldwide, leading companies recognize the value of 365 Data Science Certificates in job applications.  Moreover, our verifiable credentials boost your marketability.

With 365 Data Science, you can obtain two distinct certificates:

  • Course Certificate: This validates completing individual courses (such as SQL or Statistics) and passing the associated exams—demonstrating your proficiency in specific areas.
  • Career Track Certificate: This certifies your mastery over the comprehensive content of a career track, preparing you for such roles as data scientist, data analyst, business analyst, or similar positions within the data science field.

Earning a 365 Data Science certification requires passing the respective exam with 60% or above. You’ll receive an in-app notification and an email with links to view, download, and share your certificate. Additionally, you can access all earned credentials from the Certificates section on the learning platform. Download and share them on social media to celebrate your hard work and gain a competitive edge.

What does verifiable certificate mean?

This means you can verify your Certificate of Completion for the entire training on our certificate page and receive a Credential Id. and Credential Link. No.

This way, you can easily share your certificate with any prospective employers. In addition, they can always contact us to receive official confirmation that you have completed the data science program and receive a list of the skills you have acquired.

Is there a schedule I must follow?

No, there’s no set schedule you must adhere to. Our learning platform is designed to be completely self-paced, allowing you to progress through the courses according to your own timeline. This flexibility ensures that you can integrate your studies seamlessly with your personal and professional commitments—eliminating the stress often associated with strict training schedules.

While we provide a structured roadmap to guide your learning, following it is entirely up to you.

Upon registration, you'll undergo a personalized setup to select the skills you wish to obtain or the career path you want to pursue. The 365 Data Science platform will generate a custom learning path tailored to your goals—including courses, hands-on projects, exercises, and exams.

You can modify and follow your customized learning or learn at your own pace.

Additionally, we offer specialized career tracks designed to equip you with the comprehensive skills and knowledge needed for specific data science roles. They provide a clear and focused pathway toward becoming a data scientist, data analyst, or business analyst.

Who do I contact if I need help?

You can post any course-related questions in our Q&A Hub or the in-platform Social channels. This is the quickest way to get the answers you need from our qualified instructors.

If you have questions about our program, payments, refunds, or anything else, contact us at

We’re here for you and will do our best to help you.

What are the differences between the 365 Data Science Free, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Plans?

365 Data Science offers various subscription options so you or your sponsor can arrange the payments according to your personal preferences and needs.

You can choose between the following 365 Data Science Pricing Plans:

  • Free Plan – This plan permits you to try the 365 Data Science courses and platform for free by previewing 820+ lessons and 200+ exercises. This is just a small part of the complete program, which includes 77 courses, 3,500+ lessons, and 670+ exercises.
  • Premium Plans – Premium subscriptions provide access to the entire learning program. The primary difference between the Premium Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual subscriptions is the billing frequency. Additionally, the Annual Plan boasts personalized support and employability booster features like portfolio advice and resume feedback.
How does the monthly subscription work?

After subscribing to our monthly plan, your credit/debit card will be billed each month with the same amount on the date you made your initial purchase. If you subscribe and pay the first month’s fee on December 14th, next month’s subscription fee will be automatically billed on January 14th, and so on. If you have questions about billing, please contact our support team at

How does the 30-day refund policy work?

Not completely satisfied with the program? Don’t worry; we have a 30-day refund policy.

If you want to cancel your subscription and receive a refund, simply contact us at within 30 days of your last payment. We’ll do everything possible to remedy any issues you have with our program or platform.

Please allow 3-10 business days until you see the refunded amount on your balance, depending on your country, bank, and payment method. Remember that canceling and refunding will downgrade your account to a Free Plan, limiting your access to the entire program. We’ll retain your progress if you re-subscribe to the program later.

Can I receive invoices for my payments?

You’ll receive automatic emails with your receipt for all successful payments with 365 Data Science. No other action is required to obtain a receipt.

If you need an invoice, check the ‘I need an invoice’ box under ‘Account details’ on the checkout page and enter your company information. Remember, you must do this before you proceed to step two: payment. We can only issue an invoice if you check the box.

If you’ve opted to receive invoices, you can access them by logging in to your account and navigating to Billing Information > Billing History.

If you experience difficulties accessing your invoices, please email us at

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

Upon canceling your 365 Data Science subscription, automatic billing stops immediately. Here's the access period for each plan post-cancellation:

  • Monthly Plan: Access continues for 30 days following your last payment.
  • Quarterly Plan: Access continues for 90 days following your last payment.
  • Annual Plan: Access continues for 365 days following your last payment.

Subsequently, your account will transition to a Free Plan, restricting access to the 365 Data Science platform. Your progress, however, will be preserved—allowing you to resume seamlessly should you choose to return.

I purchased a 365 Data Science Annual Plan but completed the program in less than a year. Do I get a refund for any unused period?

Unfortunately, we cannot refund or prorate unused portions of a subscription if more than 30 days have passed since the purchase.

If you purchase an Annual Plan, you’ll have access to all resources until the end of the one-year period regardless of how long it takes to complete the program. We upload new content and introduce new features regularly, so there will always be something more for you to explore on our platform.

Do I need prior experience or an academic degree to take the 365 Data Science courses?

No, there are no prerequisites for enrolling in the 365 Data Science program. All you need to know is included in the step-by-step video lessons and exercises.

Our beginner-friendly platform is the best place to learn data science from scratch. We cover everything from mathematics and statistics and how to download and install the necessary software (Excel, Anaconda, Jupyter Notebook, Python, R, MySQL, Tableau Public, etc.) to advanced skills and specializations.

How long does it take to complete all courses in the 365 Data Science program?

The program’s completion time depends on the number and length of the courses you take.

Other factors—such as your learning pace, the depth of engagement with the materials, and the time you dedicate to studying—also influence the program’s duration.

Ultimately, the time it takes to achieve your learning goals is entirely up to you. For example, if you dedicate an hour daily to studying, you can complete an entire career track of 10 courses in as little as three months.

Is there a set time limit for completing the full 365 Data Science program?

There’s no time limit on completing any course or career track in the program. 365 Data Science is entirely self-paced so you can shape it around your schedule, work, other studies, and daily life.

Whether you finish a course in a week, month, or year, it’s all about the skills you’ve obtained. If you have questions or concerns about balancing your life with the program, just get in touch with us at, and we’ll be happy to give you advice.

Can I complete the whole 365 Data Science program in a month?

No, you cannot complete the entire program in a month. As of February 2024, we offer 77 courses, totaling 253 hours of video.

The duration of a 365 Data Science course varies between 1 and 20 hours. So, you can achieve plenty in a month, depending on the number and duration of courses you take.

Can I access the 365 Data Science program via mobile?

You can watch the lessons on a mobile device, but you need a computer for the programming exercises. This is because we want to prepare you for the real-life scenarios you’ll encounter in your job, and you cannot practice in a real-world environment on a mobile device.

How can I track my overall progress in the program?

You can track your progress on your user dashboard. Simply log in to your 365 Data Science account with your credentials and scroll down to the My Performance section.

Is there any phone number I can call?

As an online business, we mainly communicate through email and our platform.

You can get in touch with us in one of the following ways:

  • Visit our Q&A Hub for questions, answers, and discussions about the platform or courses.
  • Email us at, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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