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Business Analyst

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Harness the full power of data for business starting with use-case-driven literacy and strategy courses that will enable you to devise and evangelize for data-fueled growth solutions within any organization. Complement your analytic rigor with the technical know-how needed for preparing and visualizing reports using popular tools such as Excel Pivot Tables, Tableau, R, and Python. The elective courses in this track are designed to help you get an edge in business intelligence with practice-heavy introductions to project management and Power BI.

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Enroll in a Career Track

Depending on your interests, sign up for one of our career tracks to experience structured learning and advance your skills.

You can enroll in as many career tracks as you like.


Choose Your Electives

You can select up to two elective courses that will complement the required topics in your career track. We have suggested several electives that fit well into each career track.

You have the freedom to decide which ones you would like to take.


Take the Classes

It is up to you whether to watch the video lessons and how much to engage with the content, but we highly recommend it.

Our video lessons are best-in-class and, very soon, you will know why.


Take Course Exams

You have to take exams for all required and elective courses you have chosen in a given career track. Even if you haven’t watched the videos, you will have access to the exams.

But you need to answer at least 60% of the questions correctly to carry on with the program.


Final Exam

The final exam you will take covers all required topics in the career track you have chosen.

This is a comprehensive assessment that will determine whether you will receive a career track certificate or not.


Receive Certificate

Career track certificate