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Break into Data Science

Become A Data Science Expert

Build up your ability to ingest, transform, visualize and model datasets. Whether you’re new to data science, or just need to brush up and expand your knowledge, we have the answer.

Learn mathematics, statistics, SQL, Python, data cleaning and visualization, and machine and deep learning. At your own pace, and in one place.

This easy-to-digest course gives you proper guidance and real-world practical examples.

How does the training work

1. Learn from a structured curriculum

Build up your knowledge step-by-step through a course structure with the right balance of detail and depth. Learn the fundamentals and master the advanced concepts in an ever-developing industry.

2. Bring theory into practice

Practice each new skill you gain with more than 350 real-world exercises. Combine and integrate your skills creatively to solve the larger projects at the end of each topic. Forget the age-old assignments and get ready for industry relevant problem statements.

3. Get personal attention

The experts who develop the course are a message away to clarify concepts and answer questions. Positive and encouraging, they know what they’re talking about and provide clear in-depth explanations.

4. Earn verifiable certificates

Demonstrate your expertise to your professional community by showcasing the major data science milestones you’ve reached and the most relevant projects you’ve completed.

5. Secure a role in data science

Equipped with proper knowledge, confidence in your skills, and a portfolio of projects, you’ll be ready for a data scientist position. We can help with your portfolio and resume for job applications.

6. Get back in anytime

Each part of the course is structured so it can be used for reference later. You can look up any functions, techniques, or examples – to use in your daily work or simply as a refresher.

Develop the top industry skills from scratch

We develop our materials to help you take your interest in data science and develop it into a career opportunity, even without relevant background or prior experience. Learn from a neatly structured, all-around program and acquire the key skills necessary to become a data science expert. Build up on each newly-acquired skill with the next logical one, starting from mathematics and statistics and reaching machine and deep learning.

You won’t just apply the functions as a black box but instead you’ll learn what’s under the hood. You’ll also see what it means to be a data scientist from working with insufficient data all the way to presenting your work to C-class management.

Trust the other 300,000 students

Our graduates work at exciting places

A course that has an impact – and a certificate to prove it

Earn up to four verifiable certificates as you complete each major section of your data science training. Showcase your skills and projects to prove you’re well down your data science journey.

Fully Customizable

Choose the milestones that are most important to your professional path and we will customize your certificate for you. Highlight the new skills you develop, and demonstrate your expertise in data analytics, Python, SQL, and R, and machine and deep learning.

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