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Data Literacy

Olivier Maugain
Data literacy is the ability to work with, comprehend and communicate data that generates logarithmic amount of value across all business departments. In the global workplace, where data usage and automation are rapidly positioning themselves at the heart of business operations, the need for a data literate workforce has never been higher. Studying these free pdf course notes on data literacy by top-data executive Oliver Maugain will help you leverage your newly learned data skills in this highly rewarding job market, which is experiencing a systemic data talent shortage.

Who is it for

This data literacy study guide is for aspiring data scientists, business analysts, data engineers, and anyone who is looking to learn in-demand data skills that are going to set them on the track of a future-proof career. Designed for students who are not proficient in the language of data, this resource could be right for you if you are at the beginning of your journey.

How it can help you

Completing the data literacy lecture notes will give you a bigger picture understanding of the role that data plays in the modern global workplace and provide you with the foundational analytical tools to outcompete data illiterate peers and execute data strategies that are the cause of business growth and success.

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Data Literacy