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Iliya Valchanov
Co-founder of 365 Data Science
Before we can build machine learning algorithms or extract valuable insight from our data we need to transform the raw data into an understandable format and check its quality. In other words, we need to do data preprocessing, which requires statistical knowledge every step along the way. Therefore, learning statistics is a must-have skill when doing data science. In these free pdf course notes, we will be covering the fundamentals of statistics, the different types of distributions, confidence intervals and respective formulas, calculation of covariance and correlation, hypotheses testing, and much more

Who is it for

The ability to perform statistical analysis is an essential skill for aspiring data scientists, business analysts, business executives, and anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of statistics.

How it can help you

In order to extract any actionable insights from our data which can come in various formats like video, images, text, and audio, we need to preprocess the data and convert it into numerical format. Mastering the fundamentals of Statistics will allow you to apply the right mathematical approach to your data.

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