Mastering The Data Science Interview: Ultimate Guide

From must-know technical questions, to role-specific approaches and answer tips, this extensive guide will help you launch a successful career in data science.


The Ultimate Insider Interview Guide

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    Technical questions, how-to-answer guides, best practices, example replies, and more are covered in this comprehensive guide. 1
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    Helping people launch and advance a career in data science has been our passion and focus for over 5 years. 2
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    With 38 dedicated courses in data science and over 2M students trained, we know exactly what it takes to land the data science interview. 3

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About The Authors

Iliya Valchanov

Co-founder, 365 Data Science

Iliya is the co-founder of 365 Data Science. He’s a Finance graduate with a strong quantitative background. Iliya is the author of our online courses in Mathematics, Statistics, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. He has won more than 90 national and international awards and competitions through the years. He first started teaching while at university; So far, Iliya has authored and instructed 5 online courses and he’s happy to share his expertise in data science with all aspiring professionals in the field.

Ned Krastev

Co-founder, 365 Data Science

Ned is the co-founder of 365 Data Science. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management, and a Master’s in Finance at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. Ned has rich experience in financial advisory, and has worked for renowned international companies, such as Pwc (Italy), Coca-Cola (United Kingdom), and Infineon Technologies (Germany). He is also the author of numerous career resources helping aspiring professionals reach their highest goals.

Elitsa Kaloyanova

Content Manager, 365 Data Science

Ellie is a Computational Biologist, with expertise in the fields of algorithms and data structures, phylogenetics, and population genetics. She has a solid academic background in Bioinformatics with publications on constructing Phylogenetic Networks and Trees. Elitsa is the author of the 365 Data Visualization Course and co-author of the Customer Analytics in Python course.

Martin Ganchev

Python and SQL Instructor

Martin is the author of the Python, SQL, and Integration courses in the 365 Data Science Program. He has an MSc in Economic and Social Sciences from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. Martin’s experience includes assisting an empirical research for Innocenzo Gasparini Institute of Economic Research, and working for DG Justice and Consumers at the European Commission.