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Our mission

Our mission

We train the world’s data scientists. Our industry-leading data science program helps students and young professionals embark on a career as a data scientist. Demand for qualified data scientists is at an all time high and traditional degrees are simply too expensive, time-consuming or rigid to meet the majority of needs.
Our mission is to close that gap. We provide high quality, affordable training to open new opportunities for students and young professionals all over the world.

Our Vision


We are committed to excellence in every lesson, every course and every interaction with our students.


We care about our students, colleagues and the industry and are committed to their advancement.


We constantly improve our program offering and the customer experience.


We are committed to hiring top talent and helping everyone in the company reach their full potential.

Ned Krastev View info
Ned Krastev Co-founder
Ned Krastev Ned Krastev Co-founder
  • Achievements:

  • Specialized in:

    Business strategy

    Data analysis

    Business intelligence

    Financial Modeling

    Financial Analysis

    Competitive Analysis

Martin Ganchev View info
Martin Ganchev Content Director
Martin Ganchev Martin Ganchev Content Director
  • Achievements:

  • Specialized in:

    Python for Finance

    Database fundamentals


    Data Analysis and Data preprocessing

    Financial Analysis and Economics

Antoniya Baltova View info
Antoniya Baltova Chief Finance Officer
Antoniya Baltova Antoniya Baltova Chief Finance Officer
  • Achievements:

    Master's degree in Finance & Banking

    Master's degree in Contemporary Educational Technologies

    Passed CFA level 2 exam, Fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA)

  • Specialized in:

    Financial and management accounting

    Financial planning, modeling, and analysis

Ivan Kitov View info
Ivan Kitov Chief Operations Officer
Ivan Kitov Ivan Kitov Chief Operations Officer
  • Achievements:

    Master of Financial Economics (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

    Achieved a balance between personal life and career in Finance and Portfolio Management

  • Specialized in:



    Portfolio Management

Ivan Ivanov View info
Ivan Ivanov Chief Product Officer
Ivan Ivanov Ivan Ivanov Chief Product Officer
  • Achievements:

    Masters in Psychology (Glasgow University)

  • Specialized in:

    Marketing Research

    Email Marketing


Elitsa Kaloyanova View info
Elitsa Kaloyanova Content Manager
Elitsa Kaloyanova Elitsa Kaloyanova Content Manager
  • Achievements:

  • Specialized in:

    Algorithms and Data Structures

    Phylogenetics and Population Genetics

    Machine Learning

Nikola Pulev View info
Nikola Pulev Course Author
Nikola Pulev Nikola Pulev Course Author
  • Achievements:

  • Specialized in:

    Python modeling

    Web Scraping


    Mathematical Modeling


Ivan Manov View info
Ivan Manov Course Author
Ivan Manov Ivan Manov Course Author
  • Achievements:

  • Specialized in:

    Electronic Media Technologies

    Content Creation


    Audio and Video Production

Sevdalina Gerasimova View info
Sevdalina Gerasimova Marketing Manager
Sevdalina Gerasimova Sevdalina Gerasimova Marketing Manager
  • Achievements:

    Bachelor in Economics (Sofia University)

  • Specialized in:

    Digital marketing

    Technical SEO

    Web Analytics & Tracking

Asparuh Kalyandzhiev View info
Asparuh Kalyandzhiev Digital Marketing Specialist
Asparuh Kalyandzhiev Asparuh Kalyandzhiev Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Achievements:

    Master's in Journalism (Sofia University)

    Edited the Bulgarian edition of .net magazine

  • Specialized in:

    Digital marketing

    Marketing automation


Martin Yochev View info
Martin Yochev Digital Marketing Specialist
Martin Yochev Martin Yochev Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Achievements:

    Worked with industry leaders such as Samsung, Sony, GSK, etc.

  • Specialized in:

    Marketing Strategy

    Digital Marketing

    Brand Growth

    Social Media

Marta Grigorova View info
Marta Grigorova Senior Copywriter & Marketing Campaign Manager
Marta Grigorova Marta Grigorova Senior Copywriter & Marketing Campaign Manager
  • Achievements:

    Bachelor in English and American Studies

    Runner-up in Longman's Int'l original short story competition

  • Specialized in:

    Digital marketing

    Content creation


Nicolette Son View info
Nicolette Son Copywriter
Nicolette Son Nicolette Son Copywriter
  • Achievements:

    Master's degree (St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo)

  • Specialized in:

    Text editing

    Social media content writing

    English language teaching

Martina Videnova View info
Martina Videnova Senior Visual Artist
Martina Videnova Martina Videnova Senior Visual Artist
  • Achievements:

    Earning Bachelors in Animation (National Academy of Theater and Film Arts)

  • Specialized in:

    Graphic design

    Motion graphics

    Video production

Silvie Ilieva View info
Silvie Ilieva Visual Artist
Silvie Ilieva Silvie Ilieva Visual Artist
  • Achievements:

    Bachelors in Graphic Design (New Bulgarian University)

  • Specialized in:


    Digital art

Kaloyan Dimitrov View info
Kaloyan Dimitrov Operations Assistant
Kaloyan Dimitrov Kaloyan Dimitrov Operations Assistant
  • Achievements:

    Earning Bachelor's in Media Economics (University of National and World Economy)

  • Specialized in:


    Customer Support

    CEO Assistant

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