Corporate Data Science & Analytics Training

Empower your team to solve business challenges through data-driven insights. Hands-on courses, live trainings, and more.

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Equip Your Team with the Data Skills Needed to Make Informed Business Decisions

Expert Guidance

We will appoint a personal Customer Success Manager that will ensure your team gets the best results from their training. They will create an onboarding program tailored to your needs, and help you align your organization’s analytical capabilities with your specific business goals.

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Team Insights

Our advanced reporting tool allows you to track your team’s progress and engagement, celebrate achievements, and highlight members who need additional support.

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Live Trainings with Vetted Instructors

In addition to the self-paced courses in the program, you can benefit from live trainings on a broad range of cutting-edge topics.

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Exams & Certification

Our exams and certificates prove your team is armed with the skills to tackle complex business problems and deliver powerful insights using data.

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Access to Top-Tier Talent

Finding the best data professionals to join your team doesn’t have to be stressful and time-consuming. As one of our corporate partners, you can access our library of highly qualified graduates and contact the best potential candidates directly, no recruiting agencies and on-the-job training needed.

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What Makes 365 Data Science the Best Choice for Your Corporate Training?

365 Data Science offers high-impact courses led by some of the world’s most reputable data science experts. Our program ensures your team gets hands-on practice from Day 1 of their training. Whether you’re investing in elevating your team’s performance or you are aiming at harnessing data science to drive business value, we welcome the opportunity to support your goals every step of the way. Here’s what makes us the right training option for any business:

  • Trusted by more than 1 million global students

  • Comprehensive reporting tool and dashboard to manage and assign team’s tasks

  • Best-in-class online training available anytime, anywhere

  • Certificate exams

  • High-profile instructors from industry-leading companies

  • New courses added monthly at no additional cost

  • Real-world business cases and projects

  • Access to top data science talent for your next hire

Ready to Make Better Data-Driven Decisions?

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