Data-Driven Transformation for Your Business

Become a data-driven business with our data science corporate training. Create an innovative, data-first culture by upskilling your team in tomorrow's programming, data visualization, and analytics tools.

What Makes 365 Data Science’s Business Corporate Training a Good Fit for Your Team?

Courses That Align with Your Business Goals

Acquire premium access to our entire data science course library—featuring over 2,800 video lessons, practical exercises, exams, real-world projects, and downloadable materials. With these resources, your team members will obtain the skills to help make data-driven business decisions and deliver value for your organization.

Content by World-Class Instructors

Our 365 Data Science courses are created by industry professionals who have worked at prominent companies like Meta, Spotify, Google, Henkel, and Coca-Cola. Their expertise and results-oriented teaching approach ensure the highest quality data science training, suitable for team members with various backgrounds and levels of data literacy.

Industry-Recognized Certification

Stimulate employee engagement and increase internal mobility at your company with our data science certification. Your employees will receive certificates for every course and career track when they pass the exams. As a result, existing team members can optimize their workflow and reskill to fill emerging data roles within your company.

Live Training

Аccess our 365 Live Training library and explore the topics we offer. We collaborate with industry leaders to deliver a broad scope of real-life use cases for data in business. Our sessions range from one-off events to multi-day seminars; arrange a time that fits around your company’s schedule.

Self-Paced Learning

Our data science corporate training is designed to accommodate your team’s day-to-day responsibilities. There are no set times for class activities, so employees can access the learning material as their schedule allows.

Access to Data Science Talent

Оur talent pool feature—available for corporate clients—removes the middle man and connects businesses directly with certified 365 Data Science graduates; no recruiting fees or forms are required. Browse the library of qualified professionals and find suitable candidates to help accelerate your data-driven business transformation.

Upskill Your Team with World-Class Data Science Corporate Training by Renowned Experts

How Does 365 Data Science for Business Work?

Design a Curriculum That Fits Your Business Needs

Each business is unique, and so is yours. Identify which data science domain will help you optimize your internal processes and assign learning materials to your teams. Upskill individual members in industry-standard tools with our Excel, SQL, Python, Power BI, and Tableau courses.

Bridge Skill Gaps in Your Team with Expert-Led Courses

Leveraging professional training and quality content, 365 Data Science for Business allows you to align your team’s capabilities with your company’s objectives. You can upskill your employees with beginner-to-advanced courses, redeploy talent with structured career tracks, and validate newly acquired qualifications with exams.

Transform Your Teams into Certified Data Professionals

The 365 Data Science certificates prove your employees have the skills to transition into various data roles, propose actionable solutions backed by real insights, and help stakeholders make data-driven business decisions.

Evaluate and Scale Performance with Data-Driven Insights

Assess areas of improvement, rethink priorities, and help individuals unlock their full potential. Our comprehensive reporting tool allows you to monitor your team’s progress, engagement, and performance to optimize the success rate across your organization.

Source Job-Ready Data Science Talent

Connect with highly qualified professionals directly. Access our global library of certified graduates and find suitable candidates to join your data science dream team—no recruiting fees or time-consuming forms to fill out.

Personal Attention & Support

Your client success manager will ensure your data science team obtains the best results from their corporate training. They will help you with onboarding and advise you on how your data analytics capabilities can help your business meet its goals. Members can also count on timely feedback and instructor advice throughout the learning process.

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Attend Live Training with Top Executives from Leading Companies

Sign up for live data science corporate training events that give you direct access to experts with long-standing experience at reputable companies worldwide. Equip your workforce with critical skills and practical approaches applicable across all industries, organization standards, and business development stages.

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Need help finding what you're looking for? Visit the 365 Data Science Help Center page or contact us directly.

What tools and technologies does 365 for Business cover?

365 for Business is designed to fulfill the diverse data fluency needs of companies across all industries. Our library of world-class courses offers practical, beginner-to-advanced training in some of the most popular tools and technologies, such as Python, R, SQL, Git & GitHub, Excel, Tableau, TensorFlow 2, and more. To see the full list of topics in our curriculum, please visit our courses page

What is the difference between 365 for Business and individual subscription plans?

365 for Business comprises all courses, learning materials, and Premium features included in our individual subscriptions. However, since our corporate training is designed with upskilling teams in mind, it boasts additional benefits exclusive to our business clients. By choosing the business plan, you will gain access to:

  • A comprehensive administration tool
  • Subscription rotation
  • A talent pool of potential new hires
  • Client success manager
  • Customized onboarding process
Can I reassign subscriptions?

Yes! Thanks to subscription rotation, you can decide to archive a member and reassign their subscription to someone else on your team at any point of the learning process. This way, you can ensure the best results, along with maximum efficiency of your team’s training.

How does 365 for Business work?

Once your team joins the training, all members automatically receive 24/7 access to our entire library of courses, exercises, practice exams, and Career Tracks. There is no limit as to the time they spend on the platform, the number of exams they complete, and the number of Course and Career Track certificates they can earn. The training aims to help everyone reach results with minimum effort through self-paced video lessons paired with downloadable learning resources they can always use for reference. Easy, flexible, and user-friendly.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, there is a 14-day free trial that starts when you create your business account. It gives you and all subscribed team members the opportunity to start learning and benefit from everything we have to offer, including administration tools, certification, and a talent pool of potential new hires. Unless you cancel your free trial within that period, once it’s over, your account will be automatically transferred to 365 for Business. That means you will get full-year access to our program and platform features and will be charged for the number of subscriptions you have added up to that point.

How many subscriptions should I purchase for my business plan?

365 for Business is a subscriptions-per-learner platform. Our plans are priced accordingly, whether your organization needs just two subscriptions or aims to train larger teams of 30 people and above. In addition, if you purchase more than 30 subscriptions, you will receive a special enterprise discount.

Is there a minimum number of subscriptions I need to cover to buy a business plan?

The minimum number of subscriptions required to create a business account is 2. You can directly purchase 2-30 on our website. If you need to train a higher number of employees, please contact our sales representatives to get a special enterprise offer.

Do you offer any discounts?

Tiered pricing will provide you with an automated discount for the higher number of subscriptions you purchase. If, later on, you decide to add more subscriptions to your plan, their prices will be prorated, i.e., further reduced to match the remaining period of the subscriptions you have previously bought. We also have promotional discounts on occasion, so keep an eye on your inbox for some special limited-time offers.

Can I talk to an expert before making my decision?

Our experts will be happy to provide a free consultation and take you on a full demo tour of our platform. We’ll help you match your business goals to your team’s educational needs, so you can fuel transformation at your company with the right data science courses and number of subscriptions.

How can I select content for my team and optimize learning?

The 365 for Business platform allows you to fully manage the learning process of your team. You can assign tasks with low-to-high priority and set completion timeframes. And, thanks to our Reporting tool, you can also track your team’s engagement and success rate at a glance, celebrate achievements, and focus on members who need additional support.

Will my team receive official certification?

Absolutely! Our certificates of achievement are official industry-recognized 365 Data Science credentials that confirm your employees’ accomplishments and domain expertise. There are 2 types of certificates – Course Certificates and Career Track Certificates, and your team members can earn as many of them as they set their minds to!

Can I hire 365 Data Science talent?

One of our priorities is to build a bridge between skilled data professionals and high-profile companies without the strain and time investment of a long and costly recruitment process. That’s why all our business clients can access the 365 Data Science talent pool of qualified graduates, explore their resumes, and get in direct contact with promising candidates, completely for free.

Do you offer priority support for business clients?

All our business clients, regardless of the size of the organization, receive continuous support from their appointed client success manager. Your manager will help you choose the right courses and career tracks for your team and will get them up to speed from the get-go with customized onboarding.