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Architecting the Ethics of AI and Data Science

with Vidhi Chugh

Develop a practical understanding of AI and its ethical consequences, learn how to create responsible, long-lasting solutions, and build towards a bias-free future.

Build a Data-driven Organization

with Jordan Morrow

Master the data-driven approach. Learn how to lead your organization into the future with evidence-based decision-making in order to achieve your operational goals.

Building Reports in Power BI

with Dimitar Shutev

Upskill your team with strong visual data storytelling skills so they can create interactive, useful, and informative business reports in Power BI.

Communication Skills for Data Professionals

with Gilbert Eijkelenboom

Data scientists may have the best insights, but what matters more is their outcomes. Equip your data team with the skills to communicate their analytics and maximize impact.

Computer Vision with Neural Nets

with Richmond Alake

Master the end-to-end machine learning workflow and learn how to apply ML functionalities to solve key computer vision problems.

Create a Stimulating Environment for Your Data Talent

with Davis Balaba

Empower your data scientists by giving them a seat at the table. Learn how to effectively integrate data teams into your organization.

Data Literacy

with Jordan Morrow

Strengthen your organization by reshaping its data mindset. Give your team the confidence to interpret data and ask the right questions to gleam valuable insights.

Data Quality: How to Prevent, Diagnose, and Cure Bad Data

with Shailvi Wakhlu

Invest in a low-quality data prevention strategy to make better long-term business decisions and supercharge positive outcomes.

Data Science and Machine Learning in Healthcare: Solving Real-Life Business Problems

with Vamsi Nellutla

Help employees understand how to apply data science and machine learning principles to solve real-life healthcare business problems.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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When do Live Trainings usually take place?

We offer a great deal of flexibility with regards to the dates and times of Live Trainings. Sessions are scheduled according to your team’s availability and the availability of your instructor.

How can I become a Live Training instructor?

If you possess outstanding qualifications in data science, you enjoy speaking in public and sharing your knowledge with others, we’d love to hear from you! Use our contact form to get in touch. As a member of our community of industry-leading Live Training instructors you will only have to worry about delivering an excellent learning experience to our shared clients. We’ll take care of all the admin, including integrating your trainings into our lineup and scheduling them according to your availability.

How can I purchase Live Trainings?

Our Live Trainings are open to all corporate clients who wish to accelerate their team’s progress through direct online coaching from industry leaders. Prices vary depending on the level of expertise you want your teams to acquire and the length of the training. You can explore the full details, including pricing, of the trainings you’re interested in on their individual pages by signing up for a free Live Training account.

Will my team have access to real-time conversations with industry experts?

Yes, direct communication with the instructors forms the backbone of our Live Trainings. The goal is to boost engagement with the content and enable team members to pick up new skills faster. Your team will have the opportunity to take active participation in the training, ask any questions relevant to their specific roles, and tap into the industry-leading expertise of our instructors. Attending Live Trainings as a team will not only equip your employees with new practical skills but boost their professional confidence. Moreover, internal upskilling opportunities are the preferred method of employers for creating a sense of belonging at the workplace and improving job satisfaction.

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