What It Takes to Be a Data Scientist: Interview with Data Analyst Duo

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3 May 2023 3 min read

Interview with Data Analyst Duo

Breaking into data science is a long and winding road that requires technical and soft skills and a lot of resilience. We spoke to renowned industry experts and well-liked names in the data science community to discover how and when they knew they had what it takes for a career in the field. They shared their stories and the qualities they developed to succeed.

In this interview, we introduce you to one of the names behind the popular Data Analyst Duo, Kalpesh Ghadigaonkar. With his partner, Aditi, Kalpesh strives to make statistics more accessible and better understood by people from various backgrounds. Learn more about his data science journey, his passion for helping people transition their careers into data ​analytics, and the moment he knew he had what it took to succeed.

Interview with Data Analyst Duo

Would you please tell us a bit about your background and journey into data science?

I’ve had a natural inclination for numbers since childhood. During my undergraduate studies, I knew that I wanted to pursue statistics. I graduated from Guru Nanak Khalsa College in Mumbai, ranking second among all students. Then, I obtained a master's in statistics from the University of Mumbai, leading to my first job as a data analyst. This was a great start to my career in data science.

I have over four years of experience in various roles, including data analyst, business analyst, statistical analyst, and data scientist. I have developed machine learning models, conducted data-driven analyses, and led teams.

My partner and I started the Data Analyst Duo Instagram page to help aspiring data analysts break into the field, and we have grown a community of over 75,000 followers.

When did you know you have what it takes?

During the interview process for my first data science job, I was given a real-world case study to solve. Despite being my first time working on such a project, I was the only one selected for the job. That's when I knew I had the potential to excel in this field.

As a data scientist, one needs strong analytical thinking and a lot of technical know-how. What skills did you start with, and how did you develop them to meet the role requirements?

My MSc in statistics was heavily theoretical and non-technical. Over time, I realized I needed to work on my technical data analysis skills. I began by learning SQL as data is not always readily available in Excel, and sometimes I needed to extract it myself. So, I honed my skills through books and online resources.

Initially, my tech stack consisted of statistics, Excel, SQL, and Power BI, which I recommend to others. I learned Power BI as a work requirement because I needed to create one-page reports for some projects. I’m still learning it today.

Learning is a lifelong process—especially in a field that’s as dynamic as data science. Is there something new you’d like to learn more about or become better specialized in?

Absolutely! This year, I’m focusing on learning cloud computing since platforms like AWS provide users with a plethora of tools and techniques to manage vast amounts of data.

As an expert in the field, you must have an ample idea of the qualities a person needs for data science. What would you say those are?

Two traits are essential:

  • Communication (verbal and written). Understanding the client’s requirements and conveying their insights are crucial soft skills for a data scientist or data analyst.
  • Constant learning. Keeping up with the newest advancements in data science [is vital] to survive in this field.

As the industry develops, the demand for skilled data scientists grows exponentially. What gives an aspiring data scientist a competitive edge in 2023?

A good data scientist uses statistics, mathematics, and computer science knowledge to create an impact. In addition to technical skills, they should have a genuine interest in the field and work on personal projects to demonstrate their abilities and land interviews.

We want to thank Kalpesh for taking the time to provide valuable insights into what it takes to be a data scientist. Check out Data Analyst Duo for more content that aims to make a career in data analytics more accessible.

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