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From the fundamentals of Mathematics, Probability, Data and Data Science, to tools like Tableau, SQL, R, and Python, all the way to AI and Machine Learning. Our expert instructors will guide you through the program, using beautiful videos and real-life business examples. 

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“The course is in depth and delivered at a steady pace with eye catching visuals. They try not to over-simplify the material. You can get a good sense of how deep data science is in the course. Great job!"



"This course is amazing! After watching the videos and doing the exercises, I'm able to have discussions with machine learning masters' students. High standard course with reasonable pricing."


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Clear explanations and the modular curriculum make it easy to understand the concepts and advance at a quick pace.


All in one training covers the basics through advanced topics in one integrated program.

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Courses are taught by experts in the field and questions are personally answered by instructors.

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Trusted by over 500,000 students

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Complete Data Science Training

19 courses • 550 exercises
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Module 1
Data Science Fundamentals

Module 2
Programming for Data Science

Module 4
Advanced Specializations

Module 3
Machine and Deep Learning in Python

What's included 

What's included in the program

Module 1 |   Data Science Fundamentals

Module 2 |   Programming for Data Science

Module 3 |   Machine and Deep Learning in Python

Module 4 |   Advanced Specializations