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Advanced Microsoft Excel

This course will teach you in-demand Excel techniques that will allow you to do more sophisticated data manipulation in Excel. You will learn how to build nested functions, how to use new keyboard shortcuts to be even faster in Excel, and how to format sheets and charts professionally. We will also show you several hidden Excel tips and tricks that you usually don't find in textbooks.

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Section 1

Proficient Excel formatting

Professional formatting is one of the most important elements of data analysis, financial modeling and working in Excel in general. In these lessons, you’ll learn how to format spreadsheets in several different ways. And, more importantly, after these lessons, your work will look great!

Premium course icon Why Excel and why modeling
Premium course icon Let's start from scratch and create a P&L sheet
Premium course icon Cell styles allows you to be faster
Premium course icon Pasting values, formulas, and formats with Paste Special
Premium course icon Formatting Cells Part I - Working with data in Excel
Premium course icon Formatting Cells Part II - Customize numbers the way you like
Premium course icon Highlight key data with Excel Conditional Formatting
Premium course icon Filter by color

Section 2

How to be 3.0x faster than average users

It is time to focus on Excel navigation: how to be fast when selecting cells, rows, columns, and how to work with shortcuts. We will study a number of different techniques that will allow you to be super efficient in Excel.

Premium course icon Use multiple screens simultaneously
Premium course icon F1 to F12 - Using Excel's function keys
Premium course icon How to select visible cells only
Premium course icon Grouping Excel rows and columns - The correct way to do it!
Premium course icon Working on multiple sheets at the same time

Section 3

Excel mechanics

Here, we will introduce some indispensable tools, such as find and replace, circular references, and trace precedents. Not only that, but we will also study their practical application.

Premium course icon Find & Replace - Our favourite Excel tool
Premium course icon A great way to apply Find & Replace
Premium course icon What Are Circular References in Excel
Premium course icon Circular References - An example
Premium course icon Trace precedents - Display the relationship between formulas and cells

Section 4

Not so simple Excel functions

Very often the difference between intermediate and advanced Excel users is the number of functions in their arsenal. In this part of the course, we will work with advanced functions that will help you boost your productivity significantly.

Premium course icon What is a nested function
Premium course icon Advanced Excel functions Index; Match; Index & Match
Premium course icon Advanced Excel functions Index, Match, Match
Premium course icon Advanced Excel functions Indirect; Vlookup & Indirect
Premium course icon Advanced Excel functions Rows; Columns; Vlookup & Columns
Premium course icon Advanced Excel functions Vlookup & Match
Premium course icon Advanced Excel functions Choose; Vlookup & Choose
Premium course icon Advanced Excel functions Offset; Offset & Match
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Premium course icon Date functions
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Section 5

Excel tips & tricks

The tips we will show you in this section of the course will untie your hands in a number of situations. You will become a faster, more prepared, and fully equipped Excel user.

Premium course icon Excel tips & tricks Part 1
Premium course icon Excel tips & tricks Part 2
Premium course icon Excel tips & tricks Part 3
Premium course icon Excel tips & tricks Part 4

Data Science Fundamentals

This course is part of Module 1 of the 365 Data Science Program. The complete training consists of four modules, each building upon your knowledge from the previous one. Whereas the other three modules are designed to improve upon your technical skill set, Module 1 is designed to help you create a strong foundation for your data science career. You will understand the core principles of probability, statistics, and mathematics; you will also learn how to visualize your data.

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