Data Analysis in Power BI with ChatGPT

with Dimitar Shutev

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence for Power BI and maximize your data query and report-building skills

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Course Overview

ChatGPT took the world by storm when it was first introduced and is quickly transforming the work landscape. This high-powered AI tool has immense business value and can be used by professionals in any industry with or without vast experience in the domain. The Data Analysis in Power BI with ChatGPT course is designed to teach you how to leverage artificial intelligence in Power BI to analyze, query, and visualize data—even if you’re a complete BI beginner. Pairing ChatGPT with Power BI enhances user experience by making data analytics more accessible to beginners and non-technical professionals. This significantly reduces the learning curve associated with data analysis and business intelligence tools. You receive personalized recommendations based on your experience and the data you’re working with, and actionable insights tailored to your needs. Moreover, ChatGPT suggests relevant data visualizations for your dashboard or reports. ChatGPT offers many benefits for creating reports in Power BI. Such automation streamlines the workflow and enables much quicker task implementation as the AI model adapts its suggestions to your specific use case. Effective data analysis with ChatGPT and integration in Power BI allows for more efficient decision-making and swift responses to market changes—giving you and your company a competitive edge.

Topics covered

ChatGPTPower BI

What You'll Learn

In this knowledge-packed Data Analysis in Power BI with ChatGPT course, you’ll learn how to use ChatGPT for data analysis without a prior understanding of Power BI. In under an hour, you’ll understand how to do the following:

Build a Power BI report from scratch
Facilitate ChatGPT prompts for data analysis
Create data visualizations in Power BI using ChatGPT
Filter using DAX expressions
Format your dashboard effectively using AI


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Dimitar Shutev, it's a very good course. Your Power Bi course also helped me a lot in learning power bi. But I have a request, can you make a course on advanced Power BI and advanced DAX queries? I have recently joined my first job as Power BI Developer, and I would love it if you make a course like this on advanced topis. Your explanation helps a lot.😊😊 Thank you.
too fast, uses ChatGPT 3.5 and there are not pdfs to do it by myself - instruction what to type in to chatgpt is the interesting part and not the formatting part. I expected more how to use , api code....
Thank you so much for creating this course. I felt It is more of the BI course, rather than the BI with ChatGPT. ChatGPT is not much helpful right now for creating or enhancing BI.
good for people who are new to power bi. They can certainly leverage the Gen AI technology through constant interaction via ChatGPT
This was good, and a lot more useful than the first ChatGPT class. The walkthough was informative and easy to follow.
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Dimitar Shutev

“There’s never been a better way to learn Power BI than asking ChatGPT the questions that matter. Learn how to create prompts that are relevant to your dataset and receive a response with a solution within seconds.”

Dimitar Shutev

Worked at Amadeus, DXC Technology

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Data Analysis in Power BI with ChatGPT

with Dimitar Shutev

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