Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables

with Ned Krastev

Learn how to work with pivot tables and create world-class business analysis and reporting.

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Course Overview

Working with pivot tables is one of the most useful data analysis capabilities in Excel. In this course, you will learn how to work with pivot tables and understand their elegance in terms of reporting capabilities.

Topics covered

data analysisExcelTheory

What You'll Learn

Pivot tables are essential when working with Excel. This course will teach you how to:

Create and modify pivot tables 
Carry out various pivot table operations 
How to build a world-class financial report 


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I am thoroughly impressed with the material and the instructor. The course is well-structured and easy to follow, covering everything from basic spreadsheet formatting and organization to more advanced functions and formulas. The instructor was knowledgeable and patient, taking the time to explain concepts in detail and providing helpful tips and tricks along the way. One of the things I appreciated most about the course was the variety of exercises and projects that were included. These allowed me to practice what I had learned and apply the skills to real-world situations.
Well, it's a great course and I learned something new. But I'll prefer if the practical aspect and dataset used would be one that everyone can relate to - whether an economist or not or an accountant or not. I didn't relate well with the practical aspect because I didn't understand those net sales and so on. That wasn't my scope of study in school so I didn't really get along well (or maybe the course can be renamed to "Data Analysis with Pivot Tables For Financial Analysts", lol). But all the same, thanks so much to the instructor. You did a great job. God bless.
Good information and the presentation style of little chunks is good. These courses don't suit my learning style. It isn't at all clear how these courses work in general. Having to download multiple Excel spreadsheets to practice each task is insane, not to mention that I have to go back to watch the video multiple times to execute the task. The timed practice exams are frustrating- a newcomer can't execute the task and answer questions in the time allotted. I would not pay to have access to these courses.
I was going to vote 3 stars as I was also expecting to see some charts made at the end. But I will give 4 stars and only leave it as a comment, as I could be wrong expecting charts in this contents. I know there is a topic on data visualization where this is taught, but also it wouldn't make this course any uninteresting for having it in here nonetheless. On the contrary, it would have been more complete.
The course is well put together and easy to follow! My only recommendation is to add a bit of a sanity-check quiz question at the end of every couple videos to make sure I absorbed the material. DataQuest did this will, but I switched from them for the quality of the video content.
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Ned Krastev

“This course is entirely focused on teaching you how to use one of Excel’s most powerful and user-friendly tools - pivot tables. But I will also take you a few steps further and combine pivot tables with slicers using the gap pivot table function, providing you with the skills you need to build world-class business intelligence reports.”

Ned Krastev

CEO at 365 Data Science

Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables

with Ned Krastev

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