Intro to Data Engineering

with Shashank Kalanithi

Get an Introduction to the Data Engineering and the Career Opportunities It Offers

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Course Overview

Do you want to find out if Data Engineering is the right career path for you? Are you interested in exploring one of the hottest tech professions? If that’s the case, then our Intro to Data Engineering course is the perfect fit for you. Learn data engineering from course instructor Shashank Kalanithi, who has rich experience in the data and tech field. He has held roles as a data analyst, data scientist, data engineer, and currently works as a software engineer at Meta. Shashank is passionate about teaching and is eager to pass on his experience to you. His engaging teaching style combined with his notable professional experience make him the perfect tutor for you. But what does a data engineer do? A data engineer designs, builds, and maintains systems for collecting, storing, and analyzing data. Our data engineering course is perfect for people who are looking into a career in data engineering, as well as for those who have already landed a data engineering job but are still in the early days of their journey. Why is this the perfect course for data newcomers? You will: - Be able to determine if data engineering is a career path that interests you - Understand the difference between common roles: data analyst vs data scientist vs data engineer vs software engineer (note: data engineering skills allow you to transition to any of the other roles as you advance in your career) - Learn fundamental data engineering concepts, how to become a data engineer, and how to land your first job Why is this the perfect course for entry level data engineers? Because in this training, you will: - Gain a big picture understanding of the data engineering field and its requirements - Benefit from Shashank's years of experience and gain valuable insights to excel in your job - Understand the different paths you can take in your career progression - Discover methods to enhance data engineering processes within your company What’s included in our data engineer training? Intro to Data Engineering begins with an overview of the data engineering career path. You will learn about the data engineering role, the technical skills needed on the job, and the different potential paths for career development. Then, you will learn about data architecture—a critical topic in data engineering. This field involves creating a structured framework for managing data. You'll also explore data orchestration, which is the automation of the flow and processing of data across different systems. Our data engineering course also covers relational databases, non-relational databases, and the software engineering skills required for data engineering. You will learn about crucial data engineering tools and frameworks like SQL, NoSQL, Python, APIs, Version Control, Docker and Containerization, Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, and more. Finally, Shashank will wrap up the Intro to Data Engineering course with insights on important aspects like data security and privacy. We hope you are very excited about this course! Start your data engineering journey today!

Topics covered

Data Engineering

What You'll Learn

The perfect course if you want to become a data engineer. Get a proper introduction to the field from a world-class expert.

Determine if data engineering is the right career choice for you
Discover potential career paths within data engineering
Learn data engineering fundamentals
Benefit from the knowledge of an experienced data engineer
Acquire key technical data engineering skills
Learn strategies to enhance data processes at your company


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very informative, addressing if not all components. I score this 4 stars as would like to see more practical exercises. Especially extracting data architecture and data orchestration.
This course is not as attractive as others because course content and instructor voice is not quite clear.
Awesome course, I really appreciate the way you explained it, it was awesome and well explained.
Shashank Kalanithi

“You can take advantage of my years of experience, which I have condensed into this 3-hour course, to determine if Data Engineering is the right career path for you and how you can progress in your career as a data engineer.”

Shashank Kalanithi

Data Engineer at Meta

Intro to Data Engineering

with Shashank Kalanithi

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