Intro to LLMs

with Lauren Newbould

This LLM course will guide you step-by-step through transforming your knowledge from an interested field observer to a well-equipped NLP developer. We’ll detail the transformer architecture that powers these large language models and allows them to process and understand text successfully.

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Course Overview

In recent years, large language models (LLMs) have dominated the tech news for their incredible ability to write poetry, essays, social media content, code, and more. They’re the hot new topic in natural language processing. This Intro to Large Language Models course teaches you the knowledge and skills required to experiment and create your own language model solutions. Through a combination of video lessons and practical coding exercises, we’ll cover what these language models are, their functions, and ways to implement them into your own projects. Whether you want to generate content, create a chatbot, or train these models on your own custom data and NLP tasks, this course equips you with the fundamental tools and concepts to fine-tune LLM models and tackle these challenges.

Topics covered


What You'll Learn

By the end of this Intro to Large Language Models course, you’ll have a solid foundation in large language models and the skills required to begin creating your own applications based on these models. You’ll also be able to gain LLM certification by completing the final exams.

Transformer architecture fundamentals
Concepts of attention and self-attention
Utilizing OpenAI's API
Text embeddings in LLMs
Introduction to LangChain
Exploring Hugging Face's tools


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Content is great, however, it would've been perfect if there was more downloadables, for instance the course material and the content on the videos. As we pause the video too many times to take notes on everything because it is difficult to return back to the videos later, it takes too much time, energy and concentration. Some notes available to download would've been great to concentrate more on understanding all the new topics
The course is highly informative, offering valuable insights and practical knowledge. It provides the best resources and tools for learning, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.
I'm enjoying this course. I logged into Hugging face. I definetly desire to create my own LLM. I hope you have more courses on different aspects of LLM's
The code from GitHub is missing instrctions for the packages to be installed, and also, the dataset for fine-tuning is not made available.
Great teaching skill that make complicated concept easy to uderstand with clear hands on exe=amples.
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Lauren Newbould

“We’ll use models like those in the GPT series, BERT, and XLNet and introduce you to various other models at your disposal. We will also explain how these models work in detail, and you’ll begin experimenting with them through different practical exercises and LLM tutorials. ”

Lauren Newbould

Worked at BBC

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Intro to LLMs

with Lauren Newbould

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