Introduction to Business Analytics

with Randy Rosseel


Introducing you to business analytics. In this course, you will learn how to implement a diverse range of analytical techniques in practice to manage a successful analytics project in a large blue-chip corporation.

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Course Overview

Business analytics offers a unique perspective on how world-class organizations use data-driven decision making as a tool for success. Throughout the course, you will develop the practical skills you need to manage a successful analytics project. The step-by-step modules take you all the way from stakeholder and process mapping, through end-to-end processes and benchmarking, to hands-on analytical techniques, including historical analysis, variance analysis, trend analysis, value-based analysis, correlation, time series, regression, as well as machine and deep learning analysis. Once you finish the course, you will have a good idea how these techniques can be applied in practice, allowing you to thrive in any corporate environment.

54 High Quality Lessons
13 Practical Tasks
5 Hours of Video
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Skills you will gain

Business analyticsdata analysisdata visualizationTheory

What You'll Learn

Do you want to know how worldwide top business corporations build and use data-based decision-making systems to succeed? Enroll in this course and take your analytical thinking to the next level!

Manage expectations of different stakeholders 
Prepare annual and long-term business plans 
Define business intelligence 
Identify key values and metrics 
Improve your understanding of various analysis methodologies 
Create powerful data visualizations 


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1. Add more practice. As a person, who learns by doing things (I have bad perception by listening or watching) it is crucial for me to have more practice. Otherwise, I would have to do some practice on my own, which would cost me extra time and money. I suppose, now I need to find some simulator on analyzing company's data and make my own conclusions. 2. Try to widen the range of examples: online services, medical centers, recreational institutions etc. 3. I want double mouse click to expand video. And I want space to pause/play the video. Just as on youtube. Now Space triggers the last clicked button on the videoplayer. So, sometimes I click Space and video simply quits fullscreen. 4. I want the autoplay function to play videos right away and open them in full screen (or in the same view, as the previous one was). Now, after the previous video is finished, I get simply redirected to the next one, which does not start. 5. I want the "Next" button somewhere in the video player, so I could proceed to the following video without waiting for the current one to end. Searching in the right panel is not convenient.
We need to enhance the learning material to cover the presentation slides as well to go back for it at any time with the courser transcript.
Good course with nice descriptions. Can add few more spreadsheet data with calculations to analyse the given practical examples. Thank you
Very detailed and well explained, starting with extenssive overviews and drilling down to basic components on several levels
This course is a overview of Business Analytics. A Learn a lot about the life cycle of a Business Analytics Project.
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“This course is the perfect opportunity for those of you who would like to work in the corporate world and learn about data-driven decision making. You will acquire practical skills that will allow you to understand how companies measure value and leverage the power of business analytics in today's learning environment.”

Randy Rosseel
Worked at Coca-Cola
Introduction to Business Analytics

with Randy Rosseel

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