Machine Learning Deep Dive: Business Applications and Coding Walkthroughs

with Jeff Li and Ken Jee

Practical Machine Learning: From Basic Algorithms to Advanced Real-World Applications

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Course Overview

Do you wish to learn how companies and non-profit organizations use Machine Learning? Are you interested in the practical coding aspects of building a Machine Learning model? If so, this is the perfect course for you. This course wraps up Ken Jee and Jeff Li’s series on Machine Learning. First, they showed you how the ML Process works in practice; then, they explained the fundamentals of the most popular Machine Learning algorithms used in the data science world. Now it’s time to consider the practical application of ML models and learn how to build them independently. In this course, Ken and Jeff will help you understand how big tech firms and small businesses can use different ML algorithms to boost their results. They’ll consider more straightforward methods which don’t require much data and computational power, such as linear regression, logistic regression, and SVMs. Still, they’ll also discuss several advanced use cases of neural networks and collaborative filtering. The coding walkthroughs section is a rare opportunity to gain practical intuition and see how an experienced data scientist builds an algorithm from scratch. This allows you to better grasp the theoretical concepts and logic studied earlier. You’ll learn to tackle real-world challenges when working on ML problems and develop essential debugging and problem-solving techniques.

Topics covered

Cross ValidationData modelingdata preprocessingDealing with Imbalanced DataExploratory Data AnalysisFeature Engineeringmachine learningMachine Learning ProcessModel Evaluation

What You'll Learn

The most valuable learning opportunity this course offers is the intuition and understanding you acquire by gaining first-hand experience in how ML algorithms can be applied and how a senior data scientist writes ML code from scratch.

Learn business applications of various algorithms—from linear regression to neural networks.
Improve your understanding of theoretical ML concepts.
Boost your coding skills by going through the complete coding walkthroughs provided by a senior data scientist.
Acquire insights on selecting the appropriate ML algorithms for specific business scenarios.

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This is a good course for anyone who is interested in ML and want to see how ML Algorithms work in the background. Jeff does a good job coding and explaining how they work. Really appreciate the effort and work you put into this course. Thanks.
Thank you Jeff Li & Ken Jee for your hard work. I am looking forward to taking your next class on ChatGPT or AutoGPT with Prompt Engineering.
The Business use case are relatable and showing that various way to apply our models. Thanks to the creators .
if someone can explain it a little on white board then it would be better
It's okay course.
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Jeff Li

“Through this course, you will journey from the fundamentals of machine learning to advanced real-world applications. Together, we will demystify the magic of ML algorithms and transform them into practical tools for your toolkit. Our coding walkthroughs will offer you a unique hands-on experience, enabling you to build an ML model from scratch, much like an experienced data scientist.”

Jeff Li

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Machine Learning Deep Dive: Business Applications and Coding Walkthroughs

with Jeff Li and Ken Jee

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