Machine Learning with Decision Trees and Random Forests

with Nikola Pulev

Guiding you through the fundamentals of decision trees and random forests. You will learn how the trees are constructed both theoretically and in practice using sklearn.

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Course Overview

Decision trees and random forests are tools that every data scientist or machine learning practitioner should be familiar with. Famous for producing good predictors, these methods are also indispensable when it comes to understanding the problem at hand, as well as visualizing and communicating your results. That’s why we have prepared this course for you. The first part features a thorough explanation of the workings of decision trees, how to code and visualize them with sklearn, and the pros and cons you should consider. Then we will build on the concept of a single decision tree to produce the random forest algorithm. Finally, we will cap it all off with a practical example implementing both decision trees and random forests in Python to predict a person’s income based on census data.

Topics covered

machine learningProgrammingPythonTheory

What You'll Learn

This practical course introduces you to the inner workings of decision trees and random forests. You will learn how a tree is constructed and how the concept of decision trees extends to random forests, as well as how these methods can be applied in several different practical examples.

Understand decision trees
Visualize and interpret the tree
Gini impurity and information gain
Extend decision trees to random forests


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Excellent. we need more courses like this. and we would want courses to help us know which ML algorithms would be best suited for a particular problem
It was very nice experience for me studying with 365datascience. Its animated video and clear voice was awesome. also they provide study materials.
Well structured and interesting one. Points are spot on . Great visuals and explanation . I recommend this one . Thanks to the crerator
explanation of algorithms(not about code) would've been much better so that it gives an better intuition of working mechanism
The examples provided has given me the appreciation of machine learning in real-life projects that I am working on.
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Nikola Pulev

“The ability to interpret a model’s results is indispensable in Machine Learning. That’s where decision trees come into play. The decision tree model is relatively simple and easy to understand – both characteristics that make it a great foundation for ML enthusiasts to grasp and visualize basic concepts.”

Nikola Pulev

Silver medal at Physics Olympiad

Machine Learning with Decision Trees and Random Forests

with Nikola Pulev

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