Machine Learning with Naïve Bayes

with Hristina Hristova

Introducing you to the topics of Bayesian statistics and Naïve Bayes algorithms in Python’s scikit-learn library.

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Course Overview

Knowledge on various machine learning algorithms is essential for machine learning enthusiasts and specialists. This course focuses on a specific type of classifier – the Naïve Bayes one. It is famous for being a quick learner and a real-time problem solver. Not only will you learn the theoretical foundations behind the Bayesian approach, but you will also get the chance to solve a real-life problem using scikit-learn’s Naïve Bayes algorithms.

14 High Quality Lessons
6 Practical Tasks
1 Hour of Video
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Topics covered

machine learningMathematicsProgrammingPythonTheory

What You'll Learn

Aiming to expand your machine learning toolbox? Here is how this course will help you!

Understand the components of Bayes’ theorem
Apply Bayes’ theorem
What “naïve” is in Naïve Bayes
Use scikit-learn’s Multinomial Naïve Bayes
Pros and cons of the Naïve Bayes algorithm
Applications of the Naïve Bayes algorithm


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Very well explained, rate it a 10 out of 5. But I would have been happy if this tutorial would have been thought in google colab, as some of us have troubles installing Jupyter notebook, and now we cant code along. Set back, but however the teaching is great
Totally new to the course. Can consider myself as a beginner & finds it difficult to understand. But its a high level course with a well planned way of presentation. Hats off.
The contents of the course has enable me to kick-off my Sustainability Project Management. It was a great learning and applying the knowledge into the data science project.
very good explanation thanks a lot! But unfortunately, I couldn't download the resources I hope someone can reach out to me to help fix this issue
it would be awesome if all courses could have course notes for reference's sake .it was a splendid journey indeed. Thank you 365Team
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“Learning various machine learning techniques expands your horizons in the field and teaches you how to think outside of the box. It makes you a skilled programmer and a better problem-solver. This course introduces you to a rather simple, yet quite powerful algorithm. Sophisticated algorithms would always serve you well, but sometimes simpler is better!”

Hristina Hristova
Content Creator at 365 Data Science
Machine Learning with Naïve Bayes

with Hristina Hristova

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