Introduction to Tableau

with Ned Krastev

Teaching you how to tell compelling stories with data by building accessible visualization and dashboards. With these skills, you will be able to present complicated results in a comprehensive way to non-technical audiences.

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Course Overview

Tableau is now one of the most popular business intelligence tools in the world. It allows non-technical users to visualize data and work with it immediately. This course shows how you can use Tableau to create state-of-the-art visualizations and powerful dashboards, which is precisely what corporate executives need when making decisions.

Topics covered

data analysisdata visualizationTableauTheory

What You'll Learn

With Tableau, you can create powerful visualizations and dashboards from the data you’re working with, which is a valuable skill in the workplace. Our introductory course is here to teach you how to do just that!

Integrate your data into Tableau
Handle Tableau Functionalities 
Work with charts and tables 
Explore the term ‘data blending’ 
Apply your skills in practice with real data 


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It would have been nice to address some of the changes to Tableau. For example, to resize you need to use ctl B to reduce size and ctl shift B to increase in size. That took me a while to figure out since I was trying to follow your instructions. There were other things that were weird and took much longer to figure out since they had changed and I originally tried to follow your instructions. Notes after the videos with the resources would have been helpful
1- The instructor does not clarify how and why this data set is used neither the final goal of the exercise. 2- The problems solved by the instructor are not clarified why they happended and how this recommended solution is solving them. 3- The course outdated as the Tableau new version new optiions. 4- The blending and Join functions are not explained properly. 5- the course is very introductory and is not useful for specific useful cases
It was pretty good, given that I had 0 prior experience in Tableau. Nevertheless, I have some mentions: - even if the trainer seems to be a pro in this field, his pace was a little too fast for total beginners; - the videos should be retaken, as it was used a previous version of Tableau and there have been some (interface) modifications since then; - the "Next Video" button at the end of each video doesn't work.
The course is for Tableau's older version. It is difficult to correlate everything said by the instructor with the current tableau version. It becomes quite fast-paced at the end. So much inexplicable activity. Because it was designed to be an introductory course, I would stick with the basics and explain more rather than attempting to bring everything together but skipping the explanation.
Actually, I have a little bit experience with over 10 projects in tableau. I took this course to refresh my knowledge. and I found it useful for beginners who want to know about the functionality of tableau. However, I learn new thing I don't know before about the difference between joining and blending. Thank you for efforts!
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Ned Krastev

“Data scientists don’t just need to deal with data and solve data driven problems. They also need to convince company executives of the right decisions to make. That’s where Tableau comes in – and we will help you become an expert story teller using the leading visualisation software in business intelligence and data science.”

Ned Krastev

CEO at 365 Data Science

Introduction to Tableau

with Ned Krastev

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