Dataquest Alternative: 365 Data Science vs Dataquest Comparison

Course Content, Features, Pricing: Why 365 Data Science Brings More Value to Beginner Data Science Students
Looking to explore a Dataquest alternative? Dataquest is one of the most popular e-learning platforms for data science. Their approach is unique, as Dataquest preaches learning by doing. However, this also means that you must figure out certain things on your own. This can be frustrating and discouraging for students who want to learn data science from scratch. 365 Data Science, on the other hand, offers a program that is tailor-made for absolute beginners.

Here’s how the value proposition of our program differs from the one offered by Dataquest.

Pricing: 365 Data Science vs Dataquest

365 Data Science is particularly suitable for beginner and intermediate students. The course curriculum ensures you will build a solid foundation that would allow you to understand the more complicated topics included later on.

$15.37 per month

Billed annually
  • Online On-demand Video
  • Gamifield Platform
  • Comprehensive Portfolio
  • Free Plan
  • Step-by-Step Curriculum
  • Real environment practice
  • Personalized learning dashboard
  • Career tracks
  • Exams

$33.25 per month

Billed annually
  • Online On-demand Video
  • Gamifield Platform
  • Comprehensive Portfolio
  • Free Plan
  • Step-by-Step Curriculum
  • Real environment practice
  • Personalized learning dashboard
  • Career tracks
  • Exams

The Course Content: 365 Data Science vs Dataquest

365 Data Science

365 Data Science offers three career tracks: Data Scientist, Data Analyst, and Business Analyst. Each one starts with Introduction to Data and Data Science–a course that provides you with an overall description of the fields of business intelligence and data science and continues with fundamental statistical concepts that develop the arithmetical thinking that every data scientist needs.

What makes 365 Data Science particularly suitable for novice users is that each course is a natural continuation of the previous ones and takes into consideration the skill level already reached. You won’t have to go through the same explanations over and over again just because the course authors were not sure whether a given concept has been taught in previous courses.


The Dataquest program contains many coding challenges, exercises, and case studies combined in 14 skill paths and 5 career paths–Data Analyst in R, Data Analyst in Python, Data Scientist in Python, Data Engineer, and Business Analyst.

One of the biggest advantages of Dataquest is that, if you have some experience, you can go through their curriculum very quickly. Chances are you will need a fraction of the time to complete it compared to other online courses.

There are, however, some content gaps. Spreadsheet tools are not covered in detail in Dataquest’s curriculum, except for Intro to Data Analyses with Excel. Yet, this is an essential instrument in the arsenal of anyone working with data. Data visualization with modern BI software, such as Tableau, has also been omitted.
Both 365 Data Science and Dataquest appear to be on the same page in terms of the logical steps to be covered. However, 365 Data Science provides video lessons and Q&A support. Dataquest puts greater emphasis on self-education through practical examples.

Key Features: 365 Data Science vs Dataquest

Learning Platform

365 Data Science recognizes the challenges students face when learning data science online. To address them, it incorporated game design features, which make the whole experience fun and engaging.

All aspects of the 365 platform are designed to support and motivate students throughout their journey. In addition to the standard dashboard where you can set goals and track your progress, it offers an XP system, leaderboard, news feed, collectible cards, and much more.

The Dataquest platform has its advantages too. It is well-organized and very easy to navigate. From the dashboard, students can choose a learning path and track their progress.

Learning Materials

Dataquest has a super interesting approach to learning data science. It offers coding challenges in the browser and no video. So, yes, you will have to read a great amount and pay attention. And while the hands-on experience is extremely valuable, some users, especially beginners, may find the lack of video lessons frustrating and challenging.

In contrast, 365 Data Science combines comprehensive video lessons with practical examples, case studies, coding exercises, and some complementary reading materials. One of its biggest strengths are the world-class instructors from blue chip companies.

This Dataquest alternative focuses on downloadable course materials: all exercises are in the form of coding notebook files, while the solutions are in solution notebook files. Each of them is downloadable.

Moreover, 365 Data Science provides plenty of additional resources, such as quizzes, course notes, and other downloadable files. Since you can store these materials locally on your computer, you get to keep all of them even after cancelling your subscription.

Real Environment Practice

As we mentioned, Dataquest is popular for its „coding in the browser” feature. In fact, this is one of its strongest assets, as it is very convenient. Students don’t need to switch between different windows while learning, which makes the exercise activities seamless.

However, there is a major downside to it. Whether you need to solve a programming task during а job interview or have just landed a job as a data professional, no employer will ever ask you to code in the browser. Instead, you will need to be confident at setting up a real environment and solving complex tasks in it.

And that is exactly what 365 Data Science provides in each programming-related course–not only are there lessons dedicated to setup, but all exercise and practical tasks are carried out within the actual environment. This prepares you for the real-world challenges of any data science or analytics job.

What’s more, this approach will teach you how to solve problems in a real-world environment where coding in the browser isn’t powerful enough (for example, with very large datasets) and where you can’t ask the browser for a tip.

Practical Case Studies

Dataquest and 365 Data Science both focus extensively on practical examples.

The main difference is that many of the challenges and tasks by Dataquest are not centered around business applications. The program does not include industry-specific use cases, except for APIs and Web Scraping in Python.

On the other hand, 365 Data Science highlights the business application of data science in its exercises and case studies. In its line-up, you can find courses like:
  • Credit Risk Modeling in Python
  • Customer Analytics in Python
  • Time Series Analysis in Python
  • Fashion Analytics with Tableau
  • Product Management for AI and Data Science
  • AI Applications for Business Success
  • Python for Finance
  • Web Scraping and API Fundamentals in Python


Exams indicate you meet a high standard of competence and can give you a competitive advantage, leading to more job opportunities and a higher pay scale.

365 Data Science provides the opportunity to test the skills you have acquired with 3 types of timed online exams–Practice Exams, Course Exams, and Career Track Exams.

Practice Exams are optional. Their goal is to help you gain confidence in your skills, show you if there are areas you still need to work on, and prepare you for your course exams and final career track exam.

Course Exams give you the chance to prove that you have gained the necessary skills and competencies in a certain data science area.

Career Track Exams are accessible to students who have successfully passed the required course exams in their chosen career track.

Presently, Dataquest doesn’t offer exams as a feature of their training.

Certificates: Dataquest vs 365 Data Science

365 Data Science offers 2 types of Certificates of Achievement–Course Certificates and Career Track Certificates. Both are official 365 Data Science credentials that confirm your accomplishment and domain expertise.

It is not necessary to watch all the videos in a course to earn a Course Certificate. However, you do need to be enrolled in the program and pass the course exam successfully with a score of 60% or higher.

To earn a Career Track Certificates, you need to pass 10 exams successfully–9 course exams plus a final exam with questions covering all required courses in the respective Career Track. Again, you need a score of 60% or higher.

Once earned, you can easily share them with your professional LinkedIn network or get a physical copy as a stylish testament to your achievement.

Dataquest offers Certificates of Completion, which are granted upon completing any course on the platform without the need to take an exam. If you’re counting on the Dataquest certificate to prove your experience, you may be disappointed.

The data science industry places high value on degrees, credentials, and professional certificates, especially when there is an exam required to obtain them. There is a good reason for that–certificates not only confirm subject matter expertise but are also required for certain job openings. Not to mention that employers consider certificates a measure of a candidate’s willingness to work hard and achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

Recently, Dataquest introduced a Capstone Project–an unsupervised piece of work that students must complete successfully to earn a certificate in the Business Analyst with Python career path.

Neither 365 Data Science nor Dataquest charge an additional fee for the online certificates.

Q&A Support

365 Data Science offers best-in-class personalized customer support. All 365 Data Science instructors are involved in Q&A, answering any specific questions students might have. This is critical for beginners and is a great workaround when you get stuck and need some expert tutoring.

Dataquest does a great job in helping students, too, with its well-maintained and moderated community forum. You can post a question if you get stuck while doing one of the course challenges.
That said, the only 1-star review on Dataquest we found online was regarding the poor customer support. The dissatisfied customer complained about the way the team handled their refund request. Still, this is rather an isolated occurrence, as the majority of Dataquest reviews online are positive.

Student Ratings

Both platforms are well-regarded by students, but 365 has many more reviews.

As of 2022, Dataquest has a 4.8 rating on G2 based on 44 reviews and 4.3 start on Trustpilot based on 11 user opinions.

With the impressive 667 reviews, 365 Data Science boasts 4.9 stars on Trustpilot. Only 4 students have left reviews about it on G2, resulting in a 4.8 rating.

Pros and Cons

  • Well-structured curriculum
  • Takes less time to complete a course
  • Emphasis on practical experience
  • Some content gaps
  • No video lessons
  • Lacking industry-specific use cases
365 Data Science
  • Real environment practice and use cases
  • Lessons from world-class instructors
  • Recognized Certificates of Achievement
  • Fewer Career Tracks than Dataquest
  • Courses take longer to complete


365 Data Science and Dataquest have similar pricing structures–a free plan with plenty of content available, a premium subscription with access to the entire platform, and a business package.

Dataquest Pricing
  • Free subscription: access to all introductory lessons
  • Premium: $49/month or $33.25/month billed annually
  • Team: $1,176 billed once
365 Data Science Pricing
  • Free subscription: access to the first few lessons of all courses
  • Premium: $36/month or $29/month billed annually
  • Business: starts at $696/year for 2 users; the first 14 days are free

365 Data Science vs Dataquest: Which One to Choose?

Both e-learning platforms offer a rich portfolio of courses and practical exercises. The main difference is the “video” vs. “non-video” approach. In addition, 365 Data Science and Dataquest provide verifiable certificates to their students. But which one is the best for your learning needs and is Dataquest worth it?

Let’s find out.

Dataquest is a great resource for anyone who has some experience with programming, data analysis, or data science in general. The structure of the curriculum is extremely efficient. You can solve many interesting exercises on your own and save time.

In contrast, 365 Data Science focuses on the beginner data scientist and offers a fully integrated all-in-one learning solution. The training is designed to ensure the student has mastered the fundamentals before building up with more advanced concepts.

365 Data Science will teach you the necessary linear algebra and statistics skills to later model your data and the three key programming languages (Python, SQL, and R) to help you start developing machine learning algorithms. The platform also focuses heavily on student-teacher feedback, where the beginner learner is fully supported.

In essence, if you are a beginner, the 365 Data Science curriculum structure provides a superior learning experience and a more supportive environment.