Looking to explore a Dataquest alternative?

Dataquest is one of the most popular e-learning platforms for data science. Their approach is unique, as Dataquest preaches learning by doing. However, this also means that you must figure out certain things on your own. This can be frustrating and discouraging for data science beginners who want to learn data science from scratch. 365 Data Science, on the other hand, offers a program that is tailor-made for absolute beginners. All trainings have been created in-house and the value proposition of the program is a bit different than the one offered by Dataquest. Datacamp Comparison

Dataquest Alternative: 365 Data Science Course content

365 Data Science is particularly suitable for beginner and intermediate students. The course curriculum is organized around four Modules of gradually increasing complexity.

This structure ensures that you will build a solid foundation that would allow you to understand the more complicated topics included later in the program.

The training starts off by teaching Statistics, Mathematics, Probability, and providing you with an overall description of the fields of business intelligence and data science. Modules 2 and 3 build the foundations of your programming skills and machine learning know-how. Finally, Module 4 will introduce intermediate to advanced topics on the business application of data science like Customer Analytics and Credit Risk Modeling.

What makes 365 Data Science particularly suitable for novice users is that each course included in the program is a natural continuation of what has been learned previously and takes into consideration the skill level already reached. You won’t have to go through the same explanations over and over again, just because the course authors were not sure whether a given concept has been taught in previous courses.

Dataquest Courses

If you haven’t yet completed a data science training and you are not sure how and where to start, the 365 Data Science program is one solution you ought to consider.

The training’s curriculum and modular structure are geared towards providing you the optimal beginning of your studies.

If you are ready to start learning, use the link below to enroll in the training at 47% off.

Dataquest offers a super interesting approach to learning data science. Coding challenges in the browser (although this isn’t where you’ll usually do things when on the job) and no video. So, yes, you will have to read a great amount and pay attention.

There are many exercises and case studies that come with Dataquest’s program, as well as a few career paths to choose from – Data Analyst in R, Data Analyst in Python, Data Scientist in Python, and Data Engineer.

Each track contains a number of courses. For example, the Data Scientist in Python track teaches you how to code in Python, Pandas & Numpy, Data Visualization, Data Cleaning and Analysis, SQL fundamentals, APIs and Web Scraping, Statistics, Probability, Machine Learning, NLP, Git, and Spark. Dataquest’s program resembles 365 Data Science’s program in a remarkable way. For the most part, it appears that the two schools are on the same page in terms of the logical steps to be covered. However, 365 Data Science provides video lessons and Q&A support. Dataquest puts greater emphasis on self-education through practical examples.

Dataquest Courses

A few additional distinctions that need to be highlighted:

  1. Spreadsheet tools are not covered in Dataquest’s curriculum – and yet this is an essential instrument in the arsenal of anyone working with data.
  2. Data visualization with modern BI software such as Tableau and Power BI has not been covered.
  3. Dataquest’s curriculum does not provide specific industry application cases. On the other hand, in 365 Data Science’s course curriculum one can find courses about Credit Risk Modeling in Python, Customer Analytics in Python, and Time Series Analysis in Python.

That said, one of the biggest advantages of Dataquest lies in the fact that, if you have some experience, you can go through their curriculum very quickly. Chances are that you will need a fraction of the time to complete it compared to other online courses.

Dataquest Alternative: 365 Data Science Auxiliary services

Q&A support

365 Data Science offers best-in-class personalized customer support, answering any specific questions students might have. All 365 Data Science instructors are involved in Q&A, bringing the most coherent experience possible. This is critical for beginners and is a great workaround for situations when you get stuck and need some expert tutoring.

Dataquest does a great job in helping students, too. They have a community forum, which is well-maintained and moderated. So, you can post a question if you get stuck while doing one of the course challenges.

Exercise materials

Both 365 Data Science and Dataquest provide access to exercises that help students practice what they have seen in a given lecture. Dataquest’s native ‘coding in the browser’ feature is one of their strongest assets. Students don’t need to switch between different windows while learning, which makes exercise activities seamless. At the same time, it is also true that this isn’t how you will have to solve real-world projects when on the job.

As a Dataquest alternative, 365 Data Science use a different approach.

365 Data Science focuses on downloadable course materials: all exercises are in the form of coding notebook files, while the solutions – solution notebook files. Each of them is downloadable. Moreover, 365 Data Science provides a number of additional resources, such as course notes, quizzes, and other downloadable files. Since you can store these materials locally on your computer – you get to keep all of them even after cancelling your subscription. Currently, with 28 courses in the portfolio, 365 Data Science offers more than 1,500 downloadable resources, including exercise files, data, and course notes.

The other obvious benefit is that this approach will teach you how to solve problems in a real-world environment where coding in the browser wouldn’t be powerful enough (as you will be using very large datasets) and where you can’t ask the browser for a tip.

Practical case studies

Dataquest and 365 Data Science both focus extensively on practical case studies. The main difference is that many of the challenges and tasks by Dataquest are not centered around business applications, whereas 365 Data Science highlights the business application of data science in their exercises and their case studies.

Portfolio and CV feedback and help

365 Data Science pays great attention to student interaction and provides data science portfolio advice when students are confident to showcase their skills. In addition, they will also give feedback to their students’ resumes once they start the job application process.

If you buy one of Dataquest’s more expensive plans ($49 per month), they offer resume reviews and career coaching.

Certificate of completion

365 Data Science offers students a customizable certificate of completion once they finish the full program that includes their name, the developed abilities, and features the major completed projects during the training. In addition, students receive an individual certificate after completing each course in the curriculum.

As long as you complete a course on Dataquest, you will be able to download a certificate of completion.

Neither 365 Data Science nor Dataquest charge an additional fee for certificates of completion.

Certificate of CompletionPricing

Both 365 Data Science and Dataquest offer a free version of their programs. At Dataquest, you will get the first chapters of all their courses, while at 365 Data Science, you’ll get 3 full sections from all courses in the first two Modules of the program. In both cases, there is plenty to learn even from the free version!

The two business models are identical – paid subscriptions that give you access to all the content.

Currently, Dataquest charges:

  • $29/month for basic, billed monthly
  • $33.25/month for premium billed annually, or $49/month billed monthly.

365 Data Science charges $36/month, billed monthly, or $29/month, billed annually.

Dataquest Alternative – 365 Data Science: Conclusion

Both e-learning platforms offer a rich portfolio of courses and practical exercises. The main difference is the ‘video’ vs. ‘non video’ approach. In addition, 365 Data Science and Dataquest provide verifiable certificates to their students. But which one is the best for your learning needs? Let’s find out.

Data Camp Comparison

Dataquest is a great resource for anyone who has some experience with either programming and data analysis or data science in general. Their curriculum is structured in a way that allows you to be efficient. You can solve many interesting exercises on your own and save time.

365 Data Science, as a Dataquest alternative, instead aims to teach beginners data science and offers a fully integrated all-in-one learning solution.

The training is designed to ensure that students have mastered the fundamentals before progressing to more advanced concepts. For example, 365 Data Science will teach you the necessary linear algebra and statistics skills to later model your data; it will also make sure you know the three key programming languages (Python, SQL, and R) to help you start developing machine learning algorithms.

The platform focuses on student-teacher feedback, where beginners are fully supported when they get stuck. Moreover, you will learn how to work with Anaconda and how to code in Jupyter. This will enable you to work with larger data, as is the case in real life.

In essence, if you are a beginner, the 365 Data Science curriculum structure provides a superior learning experience and a more supportive environment.

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If you’re still thinking about it, we also offer a free preview version of the Data Science Program. You’ll receive 12 hours of beginner to advanced content for free. It’s a great way to check if the program is right for you.