Ajay Halthor

Ajay is a machine learning engineer at GOAT, a leading online sneaker marketplace. He is also a content creator on YouTube where he simplifies complex topics in machine learning and deep learning for data science enthusiasts.

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About the Instructor

Ajay Halthor is an expert data scientist with experience building end-to-end pipelines to solve business problems. He works as a machine learning engineer at GOAT, an online sneaker marketplace. On the job, he solves problems by building machine learning applications for fraud, warehouse operations and marketing analytics among others. Ajay also manages a YouTube channel, CodeEmporium, where he educates data science and machine learning enthusiasts on complex topics in mathematics, machine learning, deep learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

Ajay Halthor

Skills and Specialization

Ajay’s interest in data science is a natural continuation of his Computer Science degree. He has expertise in the fields of coding, machine learning, and AI.

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