Aleksandar Samsiev

Aleksandar is a Maths honors graduate with keen interest in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. He believes that working with a combination of both is the key to success in the data science field.

Worked at 365

About the Instructor

Aleksandar has a Bachelor's in Mathematics from the University of Bath (England), where he graduated with honors. He discovered a true passion in artificial intelligence, and believes that “a firm grasp of Linear Algebra is fundamental for understanding and developing concepts in the machine learning field”. In 2021, Aleksandar authored our Linear Algebra and Feature Selection course, while also contributing to the creation process of exam questions for the 365 Data Science Program. In his spare time, Aleksandar is an avid football supporter and a keen swimmer with 8 years of national-level competitive swimming under his belt.

Aleksandar Samsiev

Skills and Specialization

Aleksandar’s competences lie both in mathematics and programming. His programming expertise includes MATLAB, Java, and Python.

Advanced Mathematics Linear Algebra Python Artificial Intelligence Data Science Dimensionality Reduction