Ankit Malik

Ankit is a founding member of multiple data science start-ups with over a decade of experience in leading projects at renowned global organizations, such as Walmart Global Tech.

Worked at Walmart Global Tech

About the Instructor

Ankit Malik is a CTO and co-founder of NeuroBox Technologies. He has more than a decade of experience in designing and implementing ultra-large-scale AI solutions in retail, supply chain, media/advertising, automation, and web publishing. He has empowered CXOs and VPs to make data-driven decisions in multi-national organizations. He has built scalable AI solutions for organizations like Walmart, Oracle, and Blue Yonder. His areas of expertise are in the fields of mathematics, statistics, programming, machine learning, and deep learning. He is an MBA in Supply Chain Management and Marketing Management and a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Ankit Malik

Skills and Specialization

With an eye for innovation and interest in various niches like computer vision, NLP, and algotrading, Ankit is an established data science expert with vast experience.

StatisticsMachine learningComputer visionNatural language processingDeep learningPython