Avery Smith

An experienced data scientist who is “obsessed with data”, Avery runs his own analytics consulting practice to help companies solve their business problems.

Worked at Data Career Jumpstart

About the Instructor

Avery Smith is a data scientist who previously worked at the multinational oil corporation ExxonMobil where he resolved supply chain and logistic issues with data science techniques. He now runs his own analytics consultancy where he helps companies like Harley Davidson, SaaSAlerts, and AspenTech to tackle their business problems with data. Previously, Avery has also created machine learning models that detect narcotics and explosives at airports for a growing bio-tech startup, Vaporsens. His goal is to help aspiring data science professionals who want to break into the field.

Avery Smith

Skills and Specialization

Avery’s key skills are finding business use cases for data, performing exploratory data analysis, and building machine learning models, among many others. Notably, he creates online data science and data analysis courses, helps data enthusiasts achieve their career goals, and teaches the Data Engineering Certificate at MIT.

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