Iskren Vankov

An Oxford graduate, former head of R&D for multiple startups, and a published researcher in the Quantum Science and Technology journal

Microsoft Research Award

About the Instructor

A top-of-class graduate from Edinburgh, Caltech, and Oxford, Iskren is a true academic force with over 8 years of industry experience, from Junior Developer to Head of Research and Development. He holds numerous prestigious awards, including the Microsoft Research Award for best Informatics dissertation and the BSc Computer Science and Physics Class Prize for the highest mark in his degree program. Iskren’s research background in Quantum Computation and experience in machine learning have contributed greatly to 365’s Deep Learning and CNNs courses, as well as the upcoming RNNs course.

Iskren Vankov

Skills and Specialization

Iskren’s formal qualifications are impressive: MSc in Computer Science, First Class (Oxford University); BSc in Computer Science and Physics, First Class (The University of Edinburgh/ Caltech).

Quantum Computing Machine Learning Deep Learning Mathematics