Jordan Morrow

Jordan is a pioneer in data literacy, published author, public speaker, and winner of multiple awards who has helped renowned global companies become more data-driven.

Worked at BrainStorm Inc. and Pluralsight

About the Instructor

Jordan Morrow is the VP and Head of Data and Analytics at BrainStorm Inc. where he focuses on building and executing a data strategy for the organization. We can trace back the beginning of his data science and analytics career to American Express. After working there for almost 9 years, he moved to Qlik where he helped lay the foundations of data literacy by creating one of the first educational programs in the field. Known as “The Godfather of Data Literacy,” Jordan has dedicated his career to educating and training individuals in data science. His mission is to close the data skills gap and empower people and organizations to make data-driven decisions.

Jordan Morrow

Skills and Specialization

Jordan has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s in Business Administration. He specializes in developing data-driven strategies for businesses and educating individuals in the field of data analytics.

Data Literacy Data Storytelling Data Strategy Data-Driven Organizations Public Speaking Data Culture Teaching Data and Analytics