Natassha Selvaraj

As an experienced data scientist and technical content creator, Natassha has worked with multinational firms and startups in the marketing, finance, and consulting industries.

Data Scientist at Informa Tech

About the Instructor

Natassha Selvaraj is a data scientist who works at the intersection of data, programming, and content creation. She believes that when used wisely, data can inspire tremendous growth for individuals and organizations. Her experience includes assisting industry-leading firms and startups on numerous data projects in customer analytics, marketing, finance, etc. During Natassha’s time as a senior data consultant at a leading digital marketing agency, she leveraged data science to provide expert marketing and customer experience solutions to businesses across Asia. She now works as a data scientist at a leading global provider of market insights for tech businesses. In her free time, Natassha creates educational data science content and projects for beginners in the field, as well as leveling up her own programming and ML skills. Her articles on her blog and external publications on sites like Medium garner an average of 200K monthly views.

Natassha Selvaraj

Skills and Specialization

Natassha holds multiple data science certifications from accredited institutions, such as the University of London, the University of Sydney, and Columbia University, and digital education platforms like Udemy. She leverages her data science, analytics, and machine learning skills to accelerate business growth and break down complex data concepts into accessible information for learners.

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