Richmond Alake

A machine learning architect with experience in computer vision and deep learning, Richmond is committed to his passion of developing new intelligent systems.

Worked at Slalom Build

About the Instructor

Richmond Alake is a machine learning architect who has worked for large corporations, financial institutions, and up-and-coming startups. His interest in machine learning came about as a natural progression from his experience in software engineering and web development. This led him to pursue a Master’s degree in machine learning, computer vision, and robotics. Richmond has taught courses to hundreds of ML practitioners on the O’Reilly platform and has written over 200 articles on machine learning and AI, garnering over 1 million views. In his free time, he explores new technologies and develops his own models.

Richmond Alake

Skills and Specialization

Richmond’s area of expertise is in computer vision and deep learning, including motion detection, object detection, pose estimation, and more. He has cultivated his skills and knowledge in developing intelligent systems and is currently in a position to scope, architect, build, and deploy components within the infrastructure of intelligent systems that leverage machine learning.

PythonDeep learningComputer visionTensorFlow and KerasMLOps and architectureTechnical writing