Vamsi Nellutla

Principal data scientist, book author, founder of a data science training center—Vamsi Nellutla has a wealth of experience in all things data.

Founder of Dallas Data Science Academy

About the Instructor

Vamsi Nellutla wears multiple hats—a principal data scientist at the UnitedHealth Group, author of the book AI for Non-Profit Organizations, and founder of the Dallas Data Science Academy. With over 20 years of experience in senior business data analytics, data engineering, and data science positions, he is an expert in delivering transformational data-based strategic initiatives to improve business performance. The certified data scientist holds professional accreditations and doctoral training in advanced statistical methods, high-dimensional data analysis, machine learning, applied AI, and predictive analytics, among others.

Vamsi Nellutla

Skills and Specialization

Vamsi Nellutla delivers quality data science, machine learning, and applied AI training and transformational strategic initiatives to improve business performance.

Advanced statistical methods Python R SQL Power BI Tableau Six Sigma Applied AI