Vidhi Chugh

Vidhi is a renowned data transformist and AI strategist with over a decade of experience spanning numerous industries. She is an innovator and global thought leader committed to removing barriers to entry in data science. 

Worked at Walmart Global Tech

About the Instructor

Vidhi Chugh is an AI Ethicist and an award-winning AI/ML innovation leader. She has conducted several workshops demonstrating how to integrate ethical principles in an AI/ML project lifecycle. In addition, she is a leading expert in data governance with a vision to build trustworthy AI solutions. Vidhi is also an internationally renowned public speaker at conferences such as Predictive Analytics World (PAW) and Open Data Science Conference (ODSC). She is on a mission to democratize machine learning and break the jargon for everyone to be part of the data transformation.

Vidhi Chugh

Skills and Specialization

Vidhi carries over a decade of experience enabling data-driven solutions spanning multiple domains. She specializes in data strategy, data governance, data analytics, and data science. Working at the intersection of data science, product, and research teams, she aims to deliver business value and insights. Moreover, her areas of expertise include graphical models, reinforcement learning, and ML system design, as well as a passion for the ethical and responsible use of AI.

Machine Learning Graphical Models AI Ethics Data-centric Science ML System Design Python