Data Strategy

With Bernard Marr

Data is the fuel for optimal business decisions. Gain the skills to unleash process improvements, ensure profits, and drive growth in any organization.

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Learn How to Create a Data-Driven Strategy

Follow Bernard Marr as he guides you to develop the data-driven mindset that will enable you to anticipate customer needs, provide more intelligent services and products, and achieve desired business outcomes in his Data Strategy course.

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Data Strategy Course Designed to Teach You How to Leverage the Value of Data

Packed with real-world scenarios, this course will provide context to help you understand why data is one of the most important assets for any business and give you the tools to turn data into insights.
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Data Strategy

The Data Strategy course delineates a framework of strategic use case areas for making data-driven decisions, gaining customer and market insight, and offering better services and products as a business.

01 Introduction to Data Strategy 1 lesson

02 Deciding Your Strategic Data Needs 1 lesson

03 Using Data to Improve Your Decisions 8 lessons

04 Using Data to Understand Your Customers and Markets 5 lessons

05 Using Data to Provide More Intelligent Services 1 lesson

06 Using Data to Make More Intelligent Products 1 lesson

07 Using Data to Improve Your Business Processes 1 lesson

08 Monetising Your Data 2 lessons

09 Defining Your Data Use Cases 3 lessons

10 Sourcing and Collecting the Data 10 lessons

11 Data Governance 4 lessons

12 Turning Data into Insights 20 lessons

13 Creating the Technology and Data Infrastructure 11 lessons

14 Building the Data Competencies in Your Organization 6 lessons

15 Executing and Revisiting Your Strategy 6 lessons

16 Looking Ahead 1 lesson

Who Can Benefit from This Course ?

Designed for business owners, business executives, and data practitioners, this Data Strategy course is beneficial for anyone seeking to drive innovation and empower effective decision-making through data.

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What You’ll Learn

The Data Strategy course is the ultimate tool for anyone who wants to build a successful business career. The course will help you understand why data is one of the most essential assets for any business organization.

  • How to improve business processes and gain new revenue streams 
  • Distinguish between strategic data needs
  • Improve your decision-making strategy 
  • Understand customers and markets 
  • Use data to provide intelligent services and products 
  • Data quality, ethics, privacy, ownership, access and security 

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Bernard Marr

Meet Bernard Marr

Bernard Marr is the author of 18 best-selling books, writes a regular column for Forbes, and advises and coaches many of the world’s best-known organizations. He also has two million followers on social media. Bernard is a true authority in strategy, business performance, digital transformation, and intelligent use of data in business.

Bernard has worked with and consulted some of the most impressive companies and organizations in the world. LinkedIn ranked him as one of the top 5 business influencers in the world and the No. 1 influencer in the UK. With the Data Strategy course, Bernard aims to educate on the strategic importance of data.

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Vikesh Reddy Nallamilli Vikesh Reddy Nallamilli
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365 Data Science is one of the best resources to learn the concepts and tools to become an aspiring data scientist. I would recommend it to any beginner.
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The 365 Data Science program is great...
The 365 Data Science program is great for beginners. It gives in-depth knowledge and clears every concept. After every lecture, some exercises are given for students to complete for practice, and solutions also. I would highly recommend this program to everyone who wants to be a data scientist and brush up their skills.
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For a busy professional like myself
For a busy professional like myself, I usually don’t have time to read books. 365 Data Science seemed to spend a lot of time tailoring videos that can easily be followed... Videos are short and concise, but very informative.
Ali Javid Ali Javid
Perfect and complete course for data science
365 Data Science is really a complete package for the ones who love learning data science. In the course, you can learn data science from scratch, being taught easily and comprehensibly.
Rodrigo Mendizabal Rodrigo Mendizabal
Incredible learning program
I found this program to be very well structured. You have everything you need to start in the data science field, very well explained and with excellent exercises for one to practice. You will not only not get bored at all, but you will also learn a huge load of stuff. Fully recommended.
Amrouni Amrouni
The 365 Data Science program is the Best!!!
The 365 Data Science program was excellent. It does meet my expectations 100%. I do thank the 365 Data Science Team for putting this great work together in one package & with a very reasonable price. Hands down, you are the best! Please, keep this great work up!
Klodian Xhini Klodian Xhini
Excellent experience
Excellent courses, excellent instructors, and overall a great experience. I learned a great deal from these courses.
Ndubuisi Nwabueze Ndubuisi Nwabueze
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I just completed the first course in the 365 Data Science Program. I must say, it’s an excellent course with great insight and well-structured infographic, putting all concept at a glance. I can’t wait to get through other courses and modules of the program.
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Best MOOC platform to learn Data Science
365 Data Science is an amazing platform and I would recommend it to everyone who wish to start his/her journey in Data Science field. You don't need any prerequisites, you only need good internet connection and curiosity. I needed the right platform for Data Science, a platform that is equipped with all quality resources needed, all at one place, with a good tutor. I found every such quality in 365 Data Science. They also provide certificates and notes.
Stas Popov Stas Popov
Worth every penny!
Worth every penny! I knew barely anything about data science before this course, and now I am confident in my skills. There are many sections on different topics - from the very basics to advanced things. By the time of completion, I am confident in my skills and recommend it to everyone!
Oyesina Victor Akingboye Oyesina Victor Akingboye
This course stands out as Excellent. As an HR Professional who wants to major in Analytics, I found the learning experience so exciting. The instructor made learning fun! I will recommend this to everyone out there.
Amin Bt Amin Bt
The best Data Science courses out there !!
365 Data Science gives the best data science courses out there! It’s really helpful, the videos come with exercise files and quizzes to test your skills at each module, to determine your level. You can learn at your own pace. Also, the Q&A section is really helpful and they give you an answer quickly!
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Best Data Science Online Platform !!
The best Data Science online platform, with lots of useful and valuable topics. Highly Recommended for Everyone!!!
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Amazing experience
To be honest, 365 Data Science is one of the best platforms where you can explore and learn a lot. It is a place where you will gain a lot of knowledge and will also understand each and everything explained in the course. Plus, there are lots of quizzes and exercises which help you to excel in the course, and also to check for mistakes and correct them.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ‘billed once’ mean for this course?

Unlike a Premium subscription to our platform (billed monthly or annually), acquiring individual courses requires a one-time payment. The course is hosted by 365 Data Science and comes with extra perks like a resume builder, user dashboard, Q&A hub, and gamified features.

Can I access other courses on the platform when I buy this one?

Our limited-time offer covers individual course purchases only. If you’re interested in the entire curriculum on our platform or want to enroll in a more extensive career track, consider continuing your data science journey with one of our subscription plans.

Do I have a time limit for completing the course?

Purchasing this course makes it yours forever. There is no time requirement for completing the modules or assignments. All perks and materials are accessible indefinitely—even after you complete the course. The only timed component is the exam. Whether you pass or fail, you can retake it limitless times. But you must watch at least 30 minutes of video content before each attempt.

How do I get a Course Certificate?

All enrolled students have access to the course exams—no matter how many lessons they’ve watched. You receive a Course Certificate if you get an exam score of 60% or above. Your certificate of achievement is generated automatically once you pass the exam; you can download, view, and share it anytime.

How long will my certificate be valid?

Your Course Certificate has no expiration date. Once you pass the exam, it’s yours forever. You’ll never need to worry about validity issues or retaking the course (unless you wish to refresh your knowledge).

Do I need prior experience or an academic degree to take the course?

No, there are no prerequisites for enrolling. Everything you need to know is included in the course. Unlike other platforms which usually consider mathematics and statistics as prerequisites, we offer beginner-friendly content. We explain it all step by step, including how to download and install the necessary software, e.g., Anaconda, Jupyter Notebook, Python, R, MySQL, Tableau Public, etc.