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12 Dec 2022

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08 Dec 2022


Resolved: About the career path and new courses for data engineering

Dear 365DataScience team,

365DataScience is an great platform to learn about data related stuff .  I hope in future your team will add data engineering and Artificial Intelligence related stuff (for eg. Big Data ,Data pipelines , ETL concepts ) . So this platform become a one place to reach every data related career.
I hope you will work on this and wish all 365 Data science team very good luck for future projects and plans!

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12 Dec 2022


Hey Shubham,
Thanks so much for your suggestion! It is much appreciated!
We still haven't created data engineering content and student feedback has indicated us we need to do that. At the moment we are a bit more focused on analytics topics, but we will try to start creating data engineering content next year. Appreciate your feedback.

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