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absenteeism problem in Neural Network?

absenteeism problem in Neural Network?


Hello guys, I am a new comer to data science field. I am trying to solve the absenteeism problem in neural network, which was originally solved in machine learning in the course. I have wrote the whole program, trained it, validated it and also tested it. But I don’t know how make a module of it(which was originally done in the course) and also not able to write absenteeism integration program. I am also attaching the codes for consideration. please guide me.

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Tushar,
In order to replicate the module that we created with the original logistic regression, you need to first export and save your model with the appropriate TF methods:
You need to change it accordingly everywhere where we save and the load the logistic regression. 
The 365 Team

Thank you.

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