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27 Sept 2022

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26 Sept 2022


Active v Inactive

From making the connection the rest of the lesson is useless. The connection creates a  blank chart,  I can get the wrong chart perfectly. Going forward to the USERELATIONSHIP part, I have no idea how you went from 1. USERELATIONSHIP to 2. USERELATIONSHIP. I get an error if I press enter. Not really liking this course, too many differences between your screen and mine. If we are not able to follow along without stopping and looking around for 15" to figure out where we are, it's a waste of time.

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Posted on:

27 Sept 2022


Hi Jon,
Sorry to hear that you are struggling with the Active vs Inactive Relationships. Perhaps you can show me the DAX code you are using so I can tell you what is causing the problem. As mentioned in the lesson in Power BI you can only have one active relationship between two tables. The rest of the relationships will be inactive and you can tell which ones are inactive by the dotted line that is connecting the two tables. If two tables are connected with a steady line the relationship is active. To use the inactive relationship, you need to use the USERELATIONSHIP function inside a measure, wrapped inside a CALCULATE function as shown inside the video. Please provide more details so I can help you out.

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