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10 Apr 2020

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09 Apr 2020


Adding Interactive Filters for Improved Analysis

Hi, I finished the Tableau course and at the end of "Adding Interactive Filters for Improved Analysis" exercise the "use as filter" option doesn't work for me. When I use the first chart as filter, the last chart is always the same. I made sure that all blend connections are enabled as explained in the fix video. Also the filter works correctly for all charts when I use second chart as a filter. Could you help me out to make it work as it should?
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10 Apr 2020

Hi Ana! Sure. I'd like to try. It's strange that you said that connections are fine. Please go to Edit relationships and redo them. Make sure everything is in the correct order as in the video. Usually this is the problem when filters don't work. Feel free to send a few screenshots to me ( Thanks!

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