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05 Apr 2022

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04 Apr 2022


Resolved: Any prior knowledge to take the course (Machine Learning in Excel) ?

Dear 365datascience team,
Since I found this course interesting, Iwonder any prior knowledge or basic understanding I should know
before starting the course, ex. linear regression, logistic regression, cluster analysis, and decision trees...etc.
And in which one of your course may cover all the basic I should know before taking it ?
Thank You !

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Posted on:

05 Apr 2022


Hello JaLego!

Thanks for reaching out!

I'm glad that your found the course interesting!

Concerning your question:

No, you don't need necessary any prior knowledge as most of the topics are explained starting with the fundamentals.

Having said that, the course assumes that you have a prior knowledge on statistics. So, if you feel rusty on that, I would say you need to refer to the Statistics course that we offer as part of the program. In addition, in some of the lectures we assume basic knowledge in Probability (also a course that we offer).

Good luck!

The 365 Team

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