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15 Nov 2023

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10 Nov 2023


Calculating FREE to PAID conversion RATE is a bit ambiguous...

I am calculating the rate for free-to-paid conversion rate.  There is some ambiguity in the your definition of Conversion RATE:

"This metric measures the proportion of engaged students who choose to benefit from full course access on the 365 platform by purchasing a subscription after watching a lecture.

It is calculated as the ratio between:

    *The number of students who watched a lecture and purchased a subscription.
    *The total number of students who have watched a lecture."

The bold "after watching a lecture" and the "who watched a lecture and purchased a subscription" are in contradiction with each other.   There are many students who purchased the subscription *and* watched a video on the same day, and then there are many who first purchased a subscription and many days later watched the video.  So the first bulleted item is incorrect IF we want to only see if watching videos converted a student into buying a subscription.  So, I am going to continue to solve this in a way that only those that purchased after watching a video will be counted in the *FREE*-to Paid conversion rate.  

It is very important to be precise in the questions you are presenting us with because we waste a lot of time waiting for an answer to question here because we don't have a colleague to ping in real time, to ask them questions and make sure that we are on the same page when making these calculations. 

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Posted on:

15 Nov 2023


Hey Sarah,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We'll consider rephrasing the definition of conversion rate in the task to the project so that there is no room for ambiguity.

Kind regards,

365 Hristina

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