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03 Oct 2023

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01 Oct 2023


Calculating Free-to-Paid Conversion Rate with SQL project

i got some problems to understand thie Calculating Free-to-Paid Conversion Rate with SQL project especially the last step and how to extract insights from our queries. please help me out

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03 Oct 2023



Thank you for reaching out and engaging with the project!

Analysing data is a crucial part of every project. In the final interpretation step, you are asked to study the significance of the three key metrics

- the free-to-paid conversion rate

- the average duration between the registration date and the date of first-time engagement

-  the average duration between the date of first-time engagement and the date of first-time purchase

It's essential to grasp the underlying meaning of your results. How would you compare the conversion rate you've obtained to the free-to-paid conversion rate of other platforms (you can do a quick search online)? How would you interpret the average duration values? Do they seem short or long? Think about the meaning of your results.

As for the optional part, it is marked as elective due to the additional technology (e.g., Python) and terminology (mode, median) involved in completing it. In the task, you are suggested to use Python for calculating these two values but you are welcome to use another programming language or software you feel more comfortable working with. This task is added due to the additional insight it brings to the table. This task provides deeper insights, but it's worth noting that it's not mandatory for successfully completing the quiz at the end of the project.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,

365 Hristina

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