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13 Apr 2021

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07 Apr 2020


Can the April 15 date be extended? Pretty please?

Hi, I just now found some time and would love to explore some of this content. By the looks of it, solid material,but in no way will I be able to get a deeper look by the April 15 date. An extension perhaps to the end of April would buy me some time. Much appreciated Thanks! Quarantined but still overwhelmed with household tasks, student t
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08 Apr 2020

Hi Andrej, It's been really awesome to make the platform free for a month, and we enjoy having you here so much! The thing is with increased consumption (over 75,000 people have signed up and have watched more than 5,000,000 lectures so far) come increased costs. Our bills for webhosting and external services skyrocketed. Hence we will struggle to keep up with increased demand and no revenue for another month. I appreciate your understanding! Best, Ned
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13 Apr 2021


Hey im new here and love the transparecy approach, Ned. Rare sight nowadays!

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