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01 Jul 2020

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29 Jun 2020


Can we create a dashboard for an SAP data set in Excel? 

Can we create a dashboard for an SAP data set in Excel?  I have been given a problem where I need to create a dashboard from an SAP data set There are various common problems in the SAP data set like the data is missing or incorrect reference used or the date is incorrect. The goal is to identify the problems and report them in the form of a dashboard. Now, I have identified the problems by using a Filter but I am unable to picture them in a dashboard. Also, the problem that I have is of Excel but not anything from the course that I went over in Basic Excel. So can I share the problem and have a solution to it?
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01 Jul 2020

Hello, That's a difficult task to help with remotely. You'll need to use formulas or pivot tables automating the calculation of Errors in the SAP data. To be honest, that's quite complicated to do as far as I understand the issue at hand. A few weeks from now, we will add new lessons on 'how to create a dashboard' in the Data visualization course, but that's with different data than the one described by you. All the best, Ned

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