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23 Jan 2023

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22 Jan 2023


Card collections

What are card collections, how to gain them, and how to use them?

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23 Jan 2023


Hello Ahmed,

Thanks for reaching out!

Card collections are collectible cards, that carry different benefits to make your learning journey with our gamified platform even better Some of there benefits are special video greetings from our course creators, additional XP or coins, freeze steaks, additional courses and more.

Each card and card collection group carry different requirements in order to be unlocked for collecting.
For more information, please go to "Card collections" from your menu.

For more information on how to gain more XP and reach higher XP Levels in order to unlock cards and earn rewards, please click on the XP ribbon at the top of your browser, located on the left of your Profile icon.
You will be redirected to the XP Landing Page where you can find all the ways to earn more XP!

If you have any additional questions, let me know!

Best Regards,
The 365 Team

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