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12 Apr 2020

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10 Apr 2020


Certificates and career advice

Hi, My name is Siam. I have two questions, the first is if one finishes any of the courses during the free-trial period, does he/she get a certificate of completion? The other is, what are the specific courses, from across the courses offered in this platform, if one considers a career in business intelligence analyst. Thank you. Best, Siam 
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Posted on:

12 Apr 2020

Hi Siam! Thanks for reaching out!
  1. Yes, you will get a certificate of completion, if that's the case.
  2. Well, the great thing about our program is that it continues to expand and you can learn as much as you'd like to do. At the moment I recommend the following courses for a BI analyst candidate: 
  • Intro to data science and analytics
  • Excel: Intermediate and Advanced
  • SQL
  • Tableau
  • PowerBI
  • SQL + Tableau
  • Python Intro
  • Python Bootcamp
  • SQL + Python + Tableau
  • How to get a career in data science (upcoming)
  • Data visualization in Excel, Tableau, Python (upcoming)
  • Intro to Business Analytics (upcoming)

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