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29 Jul 2020

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06 Jul 2020


Resolved: Certificates

Hi All!  1)Why can't we add certificates on platforms such as LinkedIn and other important company recruitment forms? 2) There should be a single major certificate rewarded to person who completes the course, a combined certificate for similar courses(Ex. Into to Excel and Advanced Excel, Python or Bootcamp Python) ) Please look into the matter. Thank You 
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29 Jul 2020

Hi Archisman, Currently we have two types of certificates.
  1. Certificate for each course. These are great to be motivated to continue your learning, however, we have not enabled them to be shared on LinkedIn and other platforms. You can always share a photo of it, however, at this point we have decided it is a small milestone rather than the big accomplishment you should be aiming for. 
  2. Certificate of completion of The 365 Data Science Program. Once you complete this, you will be able to share this certificate on LinkedIn and any other platform. It will be fully verifiable and anyone can see if your certificate is legit at this page here:
Kind regards, The 365 Team

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